How Can You Control A Dog from Shedding

By March 2, 2017

Most of us love dogs, while the unwanted shedding scattered around the floor or the coach often draws us crazy, especially when some of our friends allergic to the shedding. We all know that shedding is the normal process for the dogs, because they need to replace the old coat with the new coat so that their coats can be in tip top condition when seasons change. Also, they need to grow up. Believe it or not, there is no such thing to completely stop a dog from shedding. You can only minimize the dog shedding by applying some useful ways. Keep reading if you want to know how.

control dog from shedding

Brush your dog frequently

Brushing your dog regularly works well to control your dog from shedding. The transition from the winter to the summer is usually the period of heaviest hair loss for dogs when you need to brush them at least twice a week. And frequent brushing allows your dogs’ coats to be softer and cleaner.

brush the dog

Use the appropriate brush

Right brush matters a lot. And if you choose the inappropriate brush, the dogs are bound to shed more. Every brush is designed for a specific feed so that it could work best to remove the loose hair. For dogs with thicker coats, slicker brush is the best; for dogs with short coats, glove brush is the best. Usually, one breed needs more than two types of brushes.

Bathe your dog occasionally

To get rid of excessive shedding, you can give your dog frequent baths. Actually, washing your dog’s coat is by no means a great way to remove excess and loose fur, which doesn’t have to end up falling out all over your house. And you have to know that bathing schedule differs a lot from breeds, you’d better ask the veterinarian for help.

bathe your dog

Use the shampoo designed for dogs

Many of us bathe the dog with detergents and soap for convenience. Actually, that does no good for your dog. Instead, it could only give rise to much more shedding. It’s better to use shampoo specifically designed for dogs, which could protect dog’s hair as well as lessen shedding and the chance of better.

Feed your dog nutritional supplement

Generally, a pet’s coat is the reflection of its heath condition. Omega-3 products designed for dogs not only contribute to less shedding but the joint, heart and immune health.


Dogs always kept indoors are more likely to shed; appropriate exposure under sunshine makes a healthy and shiny hair.

sunbathe the dog

See the veterinarian

If the dog keeps shedding excessively not for the season changes, it’s time that you should take it to see the veterinarian, for your dog may suffer from health problem, which is usually parasites, allergies, and skin infections and so on.

Wear your dog

This way can only be used when your dog is willing to wear what you’ve prepared.

wear your dog

Dog keepers can always encounter the shedding problem of their dogs. Now that we’ve chosen to keep it, we are supposed to take good care of it. And if you can make full of the above methods, you will not get into the trouble of sticky hair on your clothes or something like that.

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