Can pregnant women drink milk tea?

By November 18, 2019

Can pregnant women drink milk tea1

Many people all over the world are crazy for milk tea. Milk tea, so-called bubble tea, is invented in Taiwan, China, but now become more and more popular in a lot of countries. Icy bubble tea in summer and a hot milk tea in winter both can bring you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. However, as a pregnant women, an expectant mother, you should take your diet seriously. Is milk tea safe for you and your baby in this special period?

Can pregnant women drink milk tea2

When we talk about milk tea, most of the time, we mean pearl milk tea. Pearl milk tea is made of milk products, tea, tapioca pearls, and syrups. As we know, milk production is good for pregnant women. However, when added these ingredients, it turns into not that health.

Can pregnant women drink milk tea4The American College of Obstetricians Gynecologists (ACOG) states that moderate amounts of caffeine, less than 200mg per day, are not linked to an increased risk of miscarriage or preterm birth. A cup of 16 oz. bubble tea contains 130mg caffeine on average. If you don’t drink too much and don’t take in other caffeine drinks, you are still good. Don’t hurry to make your conclusion. Let’s continue to discuss tapioca pearls and syrup. Tapioca pearls or pudding is considered safe for pregnant women. However, to provide you a more pleasing flavored milk tea, sellers will add much sugar in tapioca pearls. Sugar and syrup provide a lot of calories and just a little or zero nutrients. The average cup of milk tea, consisting of tea, milk and tapioca pearls, contains about 340 calories. For the health of you and your baby, control the calorie intake and your weight. And a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has determined that eating excessive amounts of sugar in pregnancy can harm the cognitive development of your baby, particularly in memory and learning.

Therefore, I recommend you to order a 16 oz. sugar-free, no pearls milk tea with skim or low-fat milk and no syrup. You may want to shout at me, “This is not a milk tea at all. Why should I pay for this odd thing?” Yes, you don’t need to buy it. It’s better to make it by yourself. It will be safer and healthy.

How to make milk tea for pregnant women?

Can pregnant women drink milk tea3

  1. 1. Prepare a cup of green tea or black tea as you like.
  2. 2. Pour 200ml milk in a 350ml glass cup (Ecooe 350ml Borosilicate Glass Cup with Double Wall)
  3. 3. Add prepared tea in the glass cup according to your preference
  4. 4. Add a teaspoon of honey in the glass and stir to mix it well.

Note: It’s better to drink hot milk tea. If you want to drink fruit-flavored milk tea, you can add some juice in it and add less honey.

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