What Foods to Avoid on an Empty Stomach

By January 2, 2017

What we should eat and shouldn’t eat on an empty stomach have always brought a great controversy. And quite a lot of us have no idea about the proper food on an empty stomach. We just choose to grab something casually and pay little attention to the food we have, which may in the end place ourselves in a very dangerous situation if we keep doing so. Here I collect 9 foods to avoid on an empty stomach.

1. Banana


Magnesium is the element that has a great impact on the heart function and it curbs the cardiovascular.  Eating banana on an empty stomach can give rise to the sudden increase of the magnesium in human body, which then breaks the balance of the magnesium and calcium in the blood, suppressing the cardiovascular, eventually doing great harm to us.

2. Tomato


Tomato is one the food to avoid on an empty stomach. It contains high level of tannic acid that increase acidity of stomach, leading to gastric ulcers. 

3. Persimmon


The tannin in persimmon will stimulate the gastric juice. If one eat persimmon on empty stomach, it may bring a series of symptoms, such as nausea and vomit. If one often eats persimmon on an empty stomach, he may finally get into the trouble of gastrolithiasis. What’s worse, he may suffer from stomach perforation if he cannot be treated in time.

4. Hawthorn


Hawthorn contains a lot of organic, tartaric, and citric acids, which may generate gastric juice. If the person will eat it on an empty stomach, it will have too many acids and gases. 

5. Sweets


When eating a lot of sweets on an empty stomach, the body cannot produce sufficient insulin to keep the normal level of the blood sugar, which is apt to bring about the eye problems. At the same time, it belongs to acidic food. If it’s being eaten on an empty stomach, the acid-base balance and other various micro-organism balance would be broken, which is unfavorable to the health.

6. Tea

oolong tea

Tea should also be avoided on an empty stomach, for doing that can dilute the gastric juice in human body and reduce the digestion ability of human body. More severely, it can lead to Tea-intoxicated, under which, you may feel anxious, dizzy, weak in limbs, uncomfortable in stomach, hunger and so on. Once you suffer from Tea-intoxicated, you can try to drink a glass of sugar water to ease those symptoms until it disappears.

7. Coffee

enjoy hot coffee

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is also bad for the heath, owing to the fact that it can stimulus the secretion of gastric acid. Especially for those who have suffered from the gastric ulcer, they should be more cautious. Even one hour later after the meal, they shouldn’t drink the coffee as well.

8. Cold drinks

 cold drinks

Cold drinks should be avoided on an empty stomach no matter in which season. Due to its leading to the contract of the stomach, and the gastrointestinal distress will torment you so much that you will never want to experience things like this for one more time.

9. Yogurt


Drinking yogurt or other fermented milk [products on an empty stomach will lose a significant portion of their beneficial properties. It is suggested to eat yogurt 2 hours after meal.  

Feel free to add some other foods to avoid on an empty stomach. And you are supposed to concentrate more on what you have on an empty stomach for the sake of your own health.

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