You may be washing your face the wrong way

By March 25, 2022

you may be washing your face the wrong way-1

Washing your face is the first and the most essential step of your skincare. It seems so easy and straightforward, however, it’s exactly this misbelief that prevents your skin to be healthy, clear, and glowing. Read on to learn some common face-washing mistakes you may have made.

Woman happy cleanses the skin with foam in bathroom.

Choose the wrong cleanser

Different people have different skin types and skincare products that suit them the best. Using the wrong cleanser can lead to breakouts, dry skin or oily skin. Take skin consultation to determine your skin type, or experiment to find what works for you.

Some people like using generic bar soap to wash their faces. However, unless it is specially made for delicate skin, bar soaps will generally disturb the pH balance of your skin, causing irritation and hypersensitivity.


The recommended face washing frequency is twice a day, one in the morning right after you wake up, the other at night before you sleep. You can wash your face during the day, of course, if your skin is quite oily or you sweat a lot during exercise. But remember that washing your face too often will only make it more delicate.

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Exfoliating can help soften your skin, but overdoing it can damage its natural outer barrier and cause acne, breakouts, or stings when you apply other products. For the best result, you should exfoliate no more than two or three times per week, or simply replace it with cleansers that contain active exfoliating ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids.

Towel drying

This is not to say that towel drying is bad for your face, but you’d better avoid scrubbing your face with a towel. Notice the coarse fabric on the towel? It can be the culprit of the redness of pimples on your face. Just carefully pat dry your face with a soft towel until dry and damp enough for later skincare.

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Use hot water

Hot water can dehydrate your skin, while cold water will make it hard for you to rinse the facial cleansers off. The best choice is lukewarm water, which is ideal for both cleaning and rinsing.

End up at your chin

The jawline and neck is the area that many people forget when face washing. They support your face, and they will also collect dirt and debris. So, don’t stop at your chin, cleanse into your hairline and neck instead.


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