Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption

By March 13, 2020

Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption 1

Tea has gained much popularity since its invention. It is one of the most natural beverages in the world, and its high antioxidant content is of numerous health benefits. But some people are worried that drinking tea will also affect calcium absorption and even lead to osteoporosis. Is it true?

Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption2

Scientists find that teas can interrupt the processing of various minerals, among which calcium is the most prevalent. The culprit lies in the compounds tea contains such as caffeine. It affects calcium absorption in two ways. First, caffeine intake will stimulate the excretion of calcium. Second, you will be less able to absorb calcium when there is caffeine in your body. That said, you should avoid drinking tea with a source of calcium. Or, choose decaffeinated tea if you like.

Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption3

The other compound is acid substances, including phytic acid and oxalic acid. They are rich in whole-grain foods, vegetables, and plants. They are prone to bind with minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium, producing compounds that are hard for it to absorb or break down. As tea contains a high density of these two acids, it is suggested not to drink tea during mealtimes. In addition, it is better to drink green tea and oolong tea than rosehip tea and black tea, for the former are lower in oxalates and the latter is high.

Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption4

So, what should you do to avoid calcium deficiency? Should you quit drinking tea? Probably not. Scientists suggest that the best solution is to counteract the negative effects of tea in a variety of ways. For example, it is important to intake as much calcium-rich food as you can such as dairy food and vegetables. You should also pay attention to vitamin supplement especially vitamin D, which plays a big role in your body in using calcium. In general, living a healthy life, say, having a healthy diet and exercising regularly, will allow you to drink tea as you like, but an unhealthy lifestyle may have a long-term effect on calcium deficiency.

Will Drinking Tea Affect Calcium Absorption5

Of course, overdone is worse than undone. If you find yourself addicted to tea, or other caffeinated drinks like colas, consider moderation. Try to regulate yourself to under two cups of tea per day. And make sure you offset the effect by eating enough calcium-rich food. You may at first feel like you are experiencing drug rehab, but it makes a difference over a period of time.


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