Eating too many eggs a day is bad for your baby

By October 25, 2019

Eating too many eggs a day is bad for your baby-3

Three eggs a day keep you full all day. It seems that eggs have been a very good supplement of nutrition for baby’s daily consumption. It is said that they have more nutrition than we have expected. But is it really healthy for our baby to eat too many eggs in one day?

Now we have to start from the analysis of nutrition index in an egg.

Every 100g of an egg contains 14g protein and 8.6g fat. It also has such nutrition as ecithin, vitaminsiron, calcium and potassium. The amino acid in it belongs to a necessity to the growth of our body system. In this term, the egg is a must we have to eat every day and have it the more, the better.

Eating too many eggs a day is bad for your baby-2

But actually, the number of eggs we have to take in is only one. Having too many of the eggs means another burden to their small stomachs. And we also have to take the way how we cook the egg into consideration to keep the most of the nutrition in the egg.

The hard-boiled egg or the steamed egg can maintain most of the nutrition. What’s more, it is easier for your baby to eat them as they do not have too many teeth. Those eggs are quite soft for them to chew and swallow.

You may want to say what if my baby has a bad cold. Can he also be able to eat eggs during that time?

Eating too many eggs a day is bad for your baby-1

The answer is absolutely positive. Try to think about this. Most of the sickness including a common cold will take more than one week to be healed. So during this time of period, your kids should more nutrition to fight against the illness. The egg is easy to digest with rich protein. It is useful for the babies to recover from the illness once the eggs are taken in with a proper amount. But the cooking of it should avoid over-cooked or fried.

Eating too many eggs a day is bad for your baby-4

If your baby is allergic to eggs, you can also choose other alternatives to supply the nutrition in the egg such as meat, beans, whole cereal, vegetables and fruit. The egg is not a final station for you to solve all the nutritional needs.

Baby’s life is like a clear paper, and we have to make the first right drawing on it by giving them the right baby food.


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