Which is Better, Skipping or Running

By December 5, 2022

Skipping rope, as the “natural enemy of fat”, is deeply loved by the majority of dieters. Rope skipping is not only efficient in burning fat but also can achieve the shaping effect. The overall fat-burning and slimming effects are more efficient than running. Many people compare skipping rope with running because running is our most common weight loss exercise. The fat-burning effect of running is good. Therefore, rope skipping as a new fat-burning method will naturally be questioned.

Which is better, skipping or running1

However, a group of data from the fitness community shows that the fat-burning effect of 10 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to that of 30 minutes of running (the frequency of rope skipping reaches more than 140 times per minute), which also shows that the weight loss effect of rope skipping is indeed very well. In addition, if rope skipping is really to be compared with running, many aspects should be given priority over running, such as the fat-burning effect, time, and exercise efficiency. So which do you prefer, skipping and running, as fat-burning exercises?

Which is better, skipping or running2

1. Rope skipping takes minutes of rope skipping and can achieve a great fat-burning effect.

Three minutes of rope skipping is enough to make you sweat. However, the best fat-burning time for running is about 40-45 minutes, which means that the best fat-burning state is when you run for a long time. For office workers who have no time to exercise, rope skipping is the best choice.

Which is better, skipping or running3

2. Rope skipping is more convenient

Because you only need a skipping rope to start skipping. For running, you need to run outdoors. If it rains, you can’t run or you have to go to the gym to train. So there are still big limitations for running.

Which is better, skipping or running4

3. The fat-burning effect of rope skipping is much better than that of running

As the exercise intensity of rope skipping is relatively high, while the fat-burning intensity of running is relatively low. If you want to speed up the efficiency of weight loss, skipping is the best choice.

Which is better, skipping or running5

Shape figure curve of the lower part of the body muscle

Compared with running, rope skipping can not only burn fat and reduce fat, but also effectively reduce muscle loss. But for people who run for a long time, some muscles will be lost, and the body will have no aesthetic feeling of muscle lines.

Actually, skipping is easier to stick to. Because rope skipping is carried out in groups, we can get a rest during the interval, and the time is relatively short, so it is easy to stick to it. In addition, rope skipping is more challenging and interesting. Running for a long time will inevitably be boring, and many people will not keep up with their physical fitness after a long time.


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