How to prevent injuries when doing sports

By August 12, 2022

Every time when we do sports, we are worried about the injuries or damages that could happen to us. But all these could be avoided if we do all the preparations before the sports.

How to prevent injuries when doing sports 1

  1. Make adjustments to physical conditions.

You need a lot of energy to sustain your body function during the whole process, so it is advisable to have food 1-2 hours before the sports. Doing enough warming-ups to get the body ready for the exercise. The preparations can not only raise the body temperature and enhance the circulation of blood in our muscles but also relieve the nervous and pressing state of mind. All those can prevent the damage from happening.

Windmill toe touch stretch dynamic stretching man standing training flexibility with back spinal twist exercise. Fitness athlete doing running warm up in summer park or home garden outdoors.

  1. Relax and stretch after doing sports.

Relaxing and stretching after the sports means the same as the preparation before it. Relaxing can be different according to the kind of sports. It can greatly prevent the muscles from being hurt and can release spiritual pressure.

How to prevent injuries when doing sports 3

  1. Treatment for the injuries.

Besides the preparations and the relaxing activities, we should also know how to deal with sore muscles and painful joints. A warm bath can be used to treat sore muscles. Physical therapies or massages can also be useful. But if there is continuing pain, you had better see a doctor to have a careful check.

You should pay close attention to the physical changes during the exercise, if there is any sign of injury, the exercise should be stopped.


  1. Create a safe environment for exercise.

A whole-round check should be carried out before the exercise, including the weight of the baseball bat, the taking off of the earrings and necklace, and even the fitness of the shoes.

How to prevent injuries when doing sports 5

  1. Doing exercise in a reasonable way.

Do not exercise with all your strength. You should try step by step. The repetitive and gradual process is the key point. What’s more, enhance the exercise of the vulnerable parts and have them exercise more so they can be hard to be hurt and injured. For example, you can have your waist do more weight practice to improve its strength in coordinating with other body parts during the sports. If you do not do sports in a regular way, it is easier for you to be hurt. And sometimes the moves fit for others are not right for you to take, so you should give it up and do not push yourself to finish it.

How to prevent injuries when doing sports 6


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