Stay cool without air conditioner

By August 3, 2020

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We’ve finally been there: the temperature is rising, and we are struggling all day with the summer heat. The air conditioner is a great solution to cool us down, but it is also the culprit that consumes tons of energy and adds up on our electric bill. So here we have some alternatives for you to stay cool even without the air conditioner.

Drink plenty of water

If you want to feel cool, the first thing to do is to drink as much water as you need. For more refreshing flavors, you can add mint leaves, lemon, or orange slices to the water. On the other hand, enough water on the skin will help accelerate heat dissipation and achieve a cooling effect. Prepare a spray bottle with cool water and you can spray on your skin whenever you want.

Close your windows

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More specifically, you should open and close your windows at the right time. Before the sun hits your room, you’d better close the window, and the blinds and shades as well, to prevent the heat from sneaking indoors. When night approaches, you can consider opening the windows if the temperature outside is cooler than inside.

Turn off lights

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Incandescent light bulbs, LED lights, computers and many other heat sources will give off a lot of heat. It is always a good idea to turn them off to save energy, but also help lower the temperature of your room. Unplug the device when it is not needed, and don’t use standby mode because that will also radiate heat.  

Use fans strategically

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Fans are a good alternative of air conditioners, but you need to know that fans make you feel cooler as they move away from the warm air around you and help your sweat evaporate faster. Ceiling fan, upstairs window fan, or attic fan all are recommended for you based on this theory. If you want to feel cooler, you can use a spray bottle to spritz yourself while under or in front of fans, or just set up your portable fan in hallways.

Take a cold shower

It has been said by many that take a cold shower whenever you feel hot. That’s because immersing yourself in cold water can lower your core temperature. If you are outside, taking a dip in the pool, river or lake will cool you down in a short period of time.     


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