What is the Best Way to Avoid the Bites of Mosquitos in Summer?

By August 16, 2019

How to avoid the bites of mosquitos 1

In summer, as the temperature is getting hotter, you may be affected by the haunting mosquitos, especially the pregnant and the young are the most vulnerable groups. You may be at your wit’s end to fight against the bites. Here I’d introduce some effective ways to protect you from those irritating little beasts.

But first of all, we should know the effects that are brought by the bites of mosquitos.

1. The feelings of itching and pains
2. The subsequent infections after scratching the bites
3. Blisters after severe bites, you can imagine them like after being burned
4. Even shock
5. Widespread of contagions and infections including malaria and Zika virus.

How to avoid the bites of mosquitos 2

Can the mosquito carry AIDS virus?

This is a serious question and you should know it. The answer is NO!

On the one hand, the HIV virus will not live or survive inside the bodies of mosquitos.
On the other hand, after being fed, the mosquitos will locate the next target and the blood they have taken in won’t be injected into the next human target.

How to kill the mosquitos in their rudimentary stage?

First, block their way to give birth to more baby mosquitos.
The essential environmental condition for the birth of mosquitos is water. So if you can dry your surrounding environment without any water especially dirty water, you are controlling the reproduce in the source.

How to avoid the bites of mosquitos 3

Second, kill them off by chemical methods.
Insecticide; insect repellents; DEET; Picaridin
Different killing methods have their own benefits and disadvantages for killing mosquitos;
For example, the insecticide can be sprayed on the human body directly; for deet, it can’t last more than 5 hours.

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Some common Q&As

Is the Anti-mosquito silicone wristband really useful?
The answer is Not really. It is useless if you want to repel the mosquitos just by wearing the anti-mosquito wristband as well as the supersonic devices.

Can I use the anti-mosquito liquid and the sunscreen cream at the same time?
Yes, you can. But you should apply the sunscreen cream before the anti-mosquito liquid. Because the anti-mosquito liquid comes into effect only after evaporating. if the order is reverted, the risk of being absorbed by the skin will be increased.

How to avoid the bites of mosquitos 4


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