How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea in Hot Summer

By August 30, 2016

How to cool down you hot summer? Many people think summer is iced coffee season, while others consider iced tea as their magic weapon to fight against the hot summer. Imagine how relaxing it would be to enjoy a cup of cold brew iced tea in the hot summer day at home. You may wonder if you can steep the tea in cold water. Here the article tells you how to make cold brew iced tea. 

cold brew iced tea

Why Cold Brew?

Unlike the traditional iced tea, the cold brew iced tea would never get access to boiling water. Then, what’s the advantage of cold brew? Cold brew iced tea tastes sweet and smooth. Cold water extracts less caffeine and catechins from the tea than hot water, which will drops out the bitterness. Though making cold brew tad is time consuming, its process is simple. Leave alone the tea overnight, a cup of cold brew tea is completed.

How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea?

  • Prepare an empty water pitcher. If you cold brew loose leaf tea, there is no need to use teapot with a strainer.
  • Add one teaspoon of tea leaves into the pitcher.
  • Add cold water to the water pitcher.
  • Leave the pitcher into refrigerator overnight, or at least 6-8 hours.
  • Take out the pitcher and serve the tea in cups with ice added in.

Add flavor

What Tea i s Best for Cold Brewing?

Max Falkowitz has already answered this question in, which reads,”Black tea is in many ways the worst candidate for serving iced. Its golden-fruitiness gets downplayed by cold temperatures, and oftentimes it’s plagued with high levels of tannins that dry out the tongue. ” Instead of making iced black tea, he listed four kinds of teas, which are best for cold brewing – white tea, green tea, roasted oolong and mugicha.  

best tea for clod brew

So, do not hesitate. Take out a teapot and some tea leaves. Let’s cool down the hot summer with a cup of cold brew iced tea.  

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