Is it good to bathe your dog every week?

By June 26, 2020

Dogs do not need a shower as much as dog owners, but regular bathing can help them get away all the dirt and keep the fur fresh. So, is it good to give your dog a bath frequently, like once a week? The truth is, that depends on many factors, including the length of coat, lifestyle, and health conditions.

Coat types

Is it good to bathe your dog every week1

Generally, bathing once a month is suitable for most dogs. You can also determine the frequency according to the length of the coat and how oily the coat is. Dogs with oily coats need bathing the most frequently, as much as once a week. In contrast, those with water-repellent coats should be bathed less often to protect the loss of natural oils. If your dog has thick, double coats, also do fewer baths and brush its hair every once in a while, which can comb dread hair out and help distribute the natural oils.


Is it good to bathe your dog every week2

Dogs mostly playing outside are dirtier and need more bathing than those staying out of trouble at home. That saying, it will take less effort if your dog is short-coated, as you just need to give it a rubdown with a damp towel whenever necessary. Of course, follow this principle if you are not sure when to bathe: always wash your dog when they are no longer huggable.

Health conditions

Is it good to bathe your dog every week3

Some dogs may have allergies or other skin problems, which asks you to give them bathing more frequently. You can also take guidance from your groomer and use medicated shampoo while bathing your dog. Furthermore, give your pets a thorough cleaning, not only including bathing, but also ear cleaning, nail trimming, brushing, and combing as well. It is important to help the dog stay healthy integrally that way.

Benefits of bathing your dog

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Bathing your dog is a great way to build a connection between the dog and you. Brushing, massaging, and repetitive motion, all these will work to help the dog get relaxed and build trust in you. When you are bathing your dog, take notice of its health condition. For example, make sure to check for any parasites like fleas, mites, or ticks, and any skin problems like irritation and bumps.

The bath is an essential part to keep your dog healthy and happy. It may be a bit difficult at first, but as you are becoming more and more skilled, you will find it an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Just follow the tips above and make bathing a dog a piece of cake!


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