How to keep your kitchen clean and safe

By February 28, 2020

No one can resist the delicious food. There is a lot of time we spend in the kitchen. Cooking is a kind of troublesome and needs to be cleaned. To clean the kitchen, it must start from the appliance, then sweep the floor and wipe the wall. Master the effective way to have a relaxing kitchen cleaning routine. Clean the kitchen with me.

How to keep your kitchen clean and safe2

Round one: Decluttering

The kitchen is in a mess. There are so many kinds of stuff on the desk and sink. If you don’t often clean the kitchen, you will feel stressful and dysphoric after work. We need to set a time limit to declutter. Do you have procrastination? Set about a half-hour to declutter in order to push you to finish the work. Then Make use of the bags and another storage box, pack all of the wastes and put the dirty dishes into the sink. Learn to hang up kitchen utensils. We can buy a practical hanging shelf for the fridge. You can put any source dish, Ecooe Bamboo spice rack is a good option for you.

How to keep your kitchen clean and safe1

Round two: Cleaning

After declutter the spare something dirty, it’s time to clean. With washing -up liquid and warm water to clear dishes and bowls in the sink. Remember to clear the sink with a damp sponge and baking soda. It is required to shine up a stainless steel sink. It would be better to clean dishes by hand, then let the dishes dry in a rack or on a clean towel. Don’t forget to clean Cabinet.

How to keep your kitchen clean and safe3

Round three: Clean Appliances & Floors

A cleaning appliance is very crucial. Most of the appliances may be trickiest because of electric shock. The microwave should be cleaned by the dry cloth and take out the turntable to clean it. We can remove the blot and eliminate peculiar smell with the lemon steam. Stove burners are very hard to clean because it is should never be submerged in water. So, we can use a damp , not wet cloth to wipe out the blot. Garbage disposal is easy to be ignored. When we discard the garbage, it is necessary to cut lemon to the pieces in the disposal. Clean the floor with a sweep or vacuum.

 How to keep your kitchen clean and safe5

Recommend the Ecooe Bambo Spice Rack

 How to keep your kitchen clean and safe4

  • Thick, Sturdy Natural Bamboo: The storage rack is made of high-quality bamboo, more natural and environmentally friendly. Thicker material makes it more stable.
  • Two Ways of Use: Two types of installation, hanging or standing, are optional. You can opt to hang it on the side of a refrigerator or place it on the kitchen table or on the ground.
  • Large Capacity, Anti-Fall: Large size 44.5*22*68cm (length * width * height), tier height 23cm, enough space for most spice jars; 10cm raised edge prevents items from falling.
  • Anti-Slip, Anti-Collision: Includes a set of non-slip pads to avoid scratching the surface of the refrigerator and prevent the rack from sliding or falling.
  • Better Storage Space: It can be placed on a refrigerator, a cupboard, or on the side of a small cabinet or a small table, for storing plenty of items, saving space and keeping it tidy.


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