Is Drinking Too Much Green Tea Bad for You?

By August 19, 2017


We love green tea for its antioxidants and metabolic regulation for our body. Therefore, to get the most of its functions, having green tea between meals is the right time to drink it.

However, green tea is more than a kind of healthy green liquid; The truth is that there are adverse effects you may suffer if you have consumed too much green tea unwisely. Too much green tea is bad for your health, but how much is too much? Keep reading.

Acceptable amount of green tea to take a day


Actually, the amount of green tea you can take depends on your body condition and the aim you set.

  • It is helpful and normal to have 2-3 teacups a day.
  • For people in the weight loss period, larger amount like cups a day is OK.
  • And it should be limited to 5 cups to avoid negative effects, such as decrease the absorption of folic acid and the absorption of iron.

What will happen if you consume green tea too much a day?

Caffeine overload


Tea is a typical caffeinated drink, and green tea contains nearly 35 mg of caffeine in 8 fluid ounces water. If you drink green tea more than 3 cups, caffeine intake may lead to an increased heart rate, upset stomach, jitters, insomnia.

In addition, you may be accustomed about the caffeine consumption daily, and thus get caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Make sure no more than 300 mg of caffeine flows into your body.

Extra sugar overload


There are many brands of bottled green tea drinks, like Harney & Sons Organic Green and Sweet Leaf-Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea. These drinks may not be organic but some blends. With the fruit juice concentrate, sugar and other flavors added in the bottle, they are generally contains 60 calories per bottle. More calories consumed than burn will lead to fat accumulation and is bad for our health.

It would be better if you choose plain green tea rather than bottled green tea drinks added with sweeteners to hold all its benefits.

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Medical complications


With the caffeine content and some other stimulant properties, if drinking too much green tea, may cause medical complications. It can worsen the unpleasant feeling and disease you have already had, making you feel more nervous or suffer severe bowel trouble when you are of diarrhea.

Therefore, react to your doctor and get to know your personal intake amount of green tea every day. 

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