How to Peel A Kiwi Easily And Quickly

By February 5, 2017

peel a kiwi

If someone asks you what the tiny but mighty fruit is, what would come into your mind, an apple or a peach? You are totally wrong if you think about this. The best tiny but mighty fruit is kiwi! Do you know the vitamin C of a kiwi is twice than that of an orange? And it can be called as a little hand grenade of cancer-fighting antioxidants because of the rich vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein. Although the crunchy taste of the kiwi makes the kiwi favored by quite a lot of people, the prickly peel makes it a pesky fruit. Then how to peel a kiwi easily and quickly? Here are some tips to go about it.

Tip 1: Peel a kiwi with a spoon

You will need to prepare

  • A kiwi
  • A chopping board
  • A sharp knife
  • A regular spoon (the thinner, the better)

peel kiwi with a spoon

This way is fairly handy and simple, and once you can make full use of it, I bet you will fall in love with eating kiwi.

First,  cut both ends of the kiwi on the chopping board. The key step comes that you need to insert it right between the fruit and the peel. If it is the hard kiwi, you should insert inch by inch for fear that you may ruin the peel, which would bring you troubles in the following steps.  After that, just scoop out the flesh in a circular motion. Once the spoon returning back to the starting point, you can easily get the intact kiwi flesh. Then, it’s just the high time to enjoy your kiwi. By doing so, peeling a kiwi is not that difficult, right?

Tip 2: Peel a kiwi with a glass

You will need to prepare

  • A kiwi
  • A paring knife
  • A glass
  • A chopping board

peel kiwi with a glass

Likewise, this way is very great, which not only works well on kiwi but also on mango and avocado. With the help of the cool trick, you will not make a lot of mess. If you wanna know how to do this, just keep reading.

What you need to do is cut your kiwi in half with your paring knife on the chopping board, take the glass out and place one half of the kiwi on the edge of the glass, start running it over the edge all the way through. In this way, the kiwi peel can be removed perfectly. You don’t even need to waste any kiwi.

Tip 3: Peel a kiwi with a peeler

You will need to prepare

  • A kiwi
  • A fruit peeler

kiwi peeler

This could be the most convenient way, because all you need to do is using the fruit peeler to peel the kiwi, then you can get the intact kiwi flesh and enjoy it.

The above tricks about how to peel a kiwi easily and quickly all work well. Just come and pick one of the three awesome tips that suit you most. You will get a big surprise!

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