How to make tea more tasteful

By August 8, 2022

Some of you might ask if tea is always tea, you can make it taste like coffee or something else.  

You can make it in any way you like. The process is so simple that there is nothing new to learn. And that is exactly what I used to think before. Later when I learned about the real theories on how to do the tea brewery and I came to realize how naive I had been. Then I will share with you several tips on how to make tea with different tea kinds. Running through all of those are the key point that let the tea leaves breathe freely.

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  1. The red tea

As I thought, the red tea is quite simple and tender, so the temperature of the water to brew it should be between 90-95 centigrade. All the tea brewing process begins with warming the teapot. For this, you should use 100 centigrade water until you feel the body of the pot is too hot to hold. The next step is to awaken the tea. Pour the tea leaves into the hot pot and cover the pot for 2 minutes. Then the leaves are totally awakened and you can feel the purely fragrance from them. And then it is followed by the tea-washing and the tea-brewing. Remember to open the cover of the pot to let the air in.

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  1. The Pu’er.

Pu’er has more substances than other tea kind and it has thicker taste than others, so the brewing time should be shorter than most other kinds. The Pu’er less than 3 years is supposed to be brewed with cups whilst more than 3 years should be made with teapots. The first step to making Pu’er is different from that of red tea. And its first step is to moisten the tea. The brewing water should be cooled before pouring it into the pot. You will see a lot of floating scum on the water and they should be skimmed off. Before running the second time brewing, you can take a smell of the tea leaves. It is really gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

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  1. Tie Guanyin

Most of us will find it is hart to make a tasty cup of Tie Guanyin because no matter how hard we try, we can not get a pleasant quality and taste of it. The secret to its brewing is that there is no need to wash. The first brewing is using hot boiled water to pour into the cup to make the leaves roll. Then cover the tea tightly for 20 seconds after skimming away the scum. Finally, it is time to enjoy it.

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