How to make get-lean meals with oats

By September 13, 2021


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Are you trying to lose weight or get fit? If the answer is yes, you must hear about oatmeal or already have it. Oatmeal is a kind of super grain that can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. But it’s so boring to eat it every day prepared with water. 3 Easy Recipes for Breakfast

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Now, let me introduce several oatmeal recipes to you. They not only match your goal but also taste great.

Oatmeal Pancake

Ingredients: half a banana, one egg, 80g quick-cooking oats, a small amount of defatted milk

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Step 1 -slice up the banana.

Step 2 – prepare a bowl. Put all materials in it. Mix it up until it turns into a thick paste.

Step 3 – pour a little bit of oil into a pan. Add the mixture into the pan, cook it with a soft fire, and use a spatula to spread it out. The thinner, the better.

Notice: if the pancake you made is broken into pieces, add more oatmeal or less milk when you make it next time. What’s more, you can use other fruit or vegetables instead of banana. Therefore, you can eat different flavored pancakes each time such as tomatoes, which will make your diet more interesting.

Overnight Oatmeal Soybean Milk Box

Ingredients: one banana, 40g quick instant oatmeal, a small box of sugar-free yogurt, a small package of soybean milk powder.

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Step 1 – slice up the banana.

Step 2 – prepare a beautiful glass bowl or a glass bottle. Put all the ingredients into it in the order below. Remember to spread them out every time you add something into it.

1/3 sliced banana→1/2 quick instant oatmeal→1/3 soybean milk powder→1/3 sliced banana→1/2 sugar-free yogurt→1/2 quick instant oatmeal→1/3 soybean milk powder→1/2 sugar-free yogurt→1/3 sliced banana→1/3 soybean milk powder

Step 3 – put a lid on the glass bowl or bottle. Put it in the refrigerator overnight.

If you don’t have soybean milk powder, cocoa powder is a great choice as well. And you can try to DIY different overnight oatmeal boxes by trying to add different fruit or edible powder.

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Remember to choose the low-calories fruit or vegetables. It will help you to reach your goal more quickly. Do you have any other oatmeal recipes? Share with us in comments below. Or leave your comment below if you have any questions.

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