How to make friends as an introvert

By June 4, 2021

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If you are an introvert, you probably want to know why it’s so easy for extroverts to socialize and have fun with people. You may enjoy solitude, but sometimes you still want to get in touch with friends. Not sure where to start? Try the suggestions below to connect with meaning.

First of all, you need to know that Introversion is just a way of how you live your life. It’s not better, or worse than extroversion. Introverts tend to pay more attention to details, and they get energy from being alone rather than staying with others. Because of this, they probably notice more stuff when meeting people and new situations, especially when they don’t know them well. So, if you find it necessary for you to get connected with friends but feel stressed to get started, that’s exactly what you need to take care of and improve.

Quality over quantity

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Some people might think your life lacks social connections, but they are not you. If you feel stressed, you don’t need to spend much time socializing. While extroverts thrive on connecting with others and making small talk, you need time to breathe. Allow yourself to stay alone to recharge yourself, and find one good friend when you are ready rather than build a crowd of superficial acquaintances you don’t have the energy to deal with.

Embrace your interests

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Finding new friends doesn’t mean you have to “break out of your shell”. You can still have lasting bonds with people that share similar interests with you. In addition to the solo hobbies like reading, hiking, watching movies etc., perhaps you could explore some community activities, including joining an online book club, learning in a local or virtual art class, or exploring movie clubs in your area.

Be patient

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You’ll encounter millions of people all your life, and you probably won’t connect with every one of them. Remember that, and you will feel much more comforting when you are rejected by people you want to make friends with.

Keep in mind, though, that true friendship requires effort, and the more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. If you meet someone that you like, just show your interests and communicating your desire to get in touch. If you don’t get any feedback after a few times, move on to someone else.

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