How To Dry Mint for Tea?

By December 2, 2017


Fresh Leaf Mint

Mint is well known for its refreshing aroma and calming taste. In its dried form it has many uses: it can be used for seasoning, garnish, or as a part of an herbal tea blend(which herbal tea is best for you).  This article is concerned with how to dry mint tea leaves for tea. Drying mint is not too difficult and there are various methods you can use to achieve the desired result.

Harvesting the Mint


For all kinds of mint the best time to harvest the mint is just before it reaches the flowering stage. You should cut the mint in the morning using a sharp knife.

Key Points of mint harvesting

  • Cut the leaf about one third of the length down the main stem. If you do this, the plant will have enough strength to grow back in the future.
  • Mint has the most aroma and flavor before the flowering period. This is because during this period the mint contains the most oil.
  • Make sure to shake each branch after cutting it – this is to remove any insects.

Wash and dry the mint


Use cold water to rinse each branch of the mint. You should dry them well with clean paper towels. If the mint is not completely dry, you cannot continue onto the next stage.

Key Points of drying mint leaf

  • Put the mint down upon a paper towel and pat it with another paper towel until it is dry.
  • Afterwards, lay the mint side by side upon a paper towel.
  • Then you should allow the mint to air-dry for an hour or two.
  • It is very important that none of the mint is stacked on top of one another.

The Natural Air-Drying Method

Step One

Take all your mint and put it into various bundles.  You should separate all the mint into small bunches. After this, you can tie the bunches together using string.

The bunches must be tied tightly together by the stem. You should leave as many leaves as exposed as you can.


Step Two

The next step involves hanging the mint up. Choose a warm, dark and ventilated place. You should tie the twine upon a hanger or clothesline so that you can hang it up. Ensure that the mint hangs upside down.

Key points

  • If you cannot find a room that is dark enough, you may place a paper bag loosely over the mint. Make sure the bag does not smother the herbs. To do this find something to attach the bag to the herbs with.
  • The room needs to be at minimum 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius)
  • If you put the mint upside down, the flavor and aromatic oils will descend into the leaves – rather than within the stems.

Final Step

Its finally time to strip the leaves from the stems 

  • After a week or two, the mint should have completely dried. It is time to take the mint down and put the leaves upon a plate.
  • Hold the tip of the stalk with one hand.
  • Carefully run your other hand down the stalk. The leaves ought to fall off without much resistance, however you may have to gently pull the top leaves off.

Enjoy your tea


Now you have dried your mint leaves, it is time to enjoy your warm and refreshing mint tea. Using a transparent glass tea pot or tea wares to observe your handmade herbal mint tea. This Ecooe glass teapot is made of 100% borosilicate glass teapot which resist vary temperature change. 

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