How to Drink Wine in A Healthy Way?

By September 9, 2022

People have a love-hate relationship with wine. Drinking a little wine can be regarded as great pleasure in life; however, in the workplace and in interpersonal communication, its role can not only be pleasant but sometimes promote business. On the one hand, for people who can drink, it is just a piece of cake, on the other hand, for those who are not so good at alcohol, how to stick to the end of the party and how to quickly relieve the pain from wine after that would be paid great attention to. But as long as you apply the right methods in drinking, you can drink to the end and get rid of alcohol quickly – whether before, during, or after drinking, there are methods suitable for you at every step.

How to Drink Wine in A Healthy Way1

1. Before drinking

Don’t drink on an empty stomach, as it is extremely easy to get drunk, and this will hurt the stomach, leading to a stomachache. Therefore, it is suggested to eat something in advance. The best is to drink a cup of yogurt or milk before, especially milk, which can develop a protective film in the stomach. When alcohol flows in, it will not directly contact the stomach itself,  which helps avoid a strong drunken reaction.

How to Drink Wine in A Healthy Way2

2. During drinking

There is an old saying: everything needs to be done step by step. So does drinking. Don’t take it too fast, or you’ll get drunk right away. During social intercourse, we can talk with our friends so as to slow down the tempo and make it under our control. In addition, after drinking a glass of wine, it would be better to have some water, which can help dilute the alcohol in the body, promote metabolism and slow down the speed of drunkenness. Of course, some people may not like water and will use some other drinks instead. The consequence may be backfired. A mix of various alcohols leads to a quick drunk. Therefore, it would help you get a clear head ASAP to have water during drinking.

How to Drink Wine in A Healthy Way3

3. After drinking

After a party, a large amount of alcohol has been absorbed by the body in a short time, which means that the water in the body has been consumed greatly in order to metabolize alcohol. After drinking, you should replenish your water in time. It can not only help eliminate alcohol, but also recover your body. You can drink water directly or indirectly by eating various fruits. But please mind the amount and don’t eat too much at a time.

How to Drink Wine in A Healthy Way4


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