How to avoid raising a spoiled brat?

By April 3, 2020

Toddlers are cute, but they are also infamous for tantrums and other misbehaviors. Usually, they are too small to move as swiftly as adults and to properly express their needs. If educating in the wrong way, say, solving their problems and meeting all their requirements, we’ll probably raise a spoiled brat. Consider the following parenting tips to teach your child to behave well.

Show your love

When the kids misbehave, the first thing you want to do is correct that. You know you feel upset about what they do, but remember so do your kids. Think about why they do that and how they feel, letting them know that you are listening and concerned. Usual ways to show love include hugs, kisses, praise, and attention. All these are better to help teach children compared with frequent punishments.

How to avoid raising a spoiled brat1

Set rules

Rules are as important as the love you show. Without setting and sticking to some clear rules, your kids will likely push and push until they get what they want. The rules must be firm and kind, but not be delivered as a punishment. What’s more, prioritize those who are concerned with children’s safety. Help them get familiar with and follow these rules by childproof your home.

How to avoid raising a spoiled brat2

Be a role model

It may be hard for toddlers to understand what you say, so if you want they do something good, do yourself at first. Children are born to learn how to act by watching parents’ behavior and regulate their emotions when necessary. Therefore, the next time you are losing temper for your kids’ tantrum, take several deep breaths until you recover again and are able to show them your good behavior.

How to avoid raising a spoiled brat3

Enforce consequences

Despite the rules you set, children may still refuse to cooperate. If they have fierce acts such as screaming for a long time, try giving them some “punishment”. You can take away something (i.e. a toy) they value and give it back to them until they behave. Before resorting to this method, have communication with them. Point out their misbehaviors instead of themselves. Last but not the least, be consistent. In other words, you should make sure you set for children the same rules and disciplines on any occasion.

Anyhow, to raise a cooperative kid rather than a brat, you should take some simple strategies and be consistent and patient. If education is well done, the toddler period will be a great start for children’s future life.

How to avoid raising a spoiled brat4


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