Your baby needs a suitable pillow to sleep on

By January 17, 2020

It seems to be the utmost thing for your baby to have a good sleep no matter during nap time or at night when they are in a process of fast development in a physical way. So you may have one question in mind: if my baby needs a pillow to sleep on as it seems that there is no use to put them onto it. The answer to this doubt is absolutely positive and you should also choose the right time to do it.

Your baby needs a suitable pillow to sleep on1

As we all know, the baby younger than 3 months has no curvature beneath their neck, so there is no need to put a pillow under his neck as his head and body will always be on the same horizontal line no matter what their sleeping gestures are. Otherwise, he may feel uncomfortable when he is sleeping on a strange soft thing.

Your baby needs a suitable pillow to sleep on2

Generally speaking, babies elder than 1 year old can use a pillow which is designed for them. And you may feel confused and difficult to make the right choice on how to choose the right pillow. Below is some advice you can take for reference.

The top priority of your choice should be those with moderate softness. In a safe term, too much softness means another hidden risk to babies’ safety, i.e., suffocation. It is not advisable for babies to use too soft articles including pillows, scarfs, toys and mattresses, as they may sink their faces into it to cause suffocation. However, the pillows which are too hard are not suitable for them to use, either. It is not comfortable on one hand. On the other hand, it is apt for babies to have deformed heads as their heads are forced to change the shapes to suit the hard pillow. You can judge if the pillow is with the right softness. If heads sleeping on the pillow are totally sunk in, then it is too soft; or the pillow can’t be able to closely hold the head, then it is too hard.  

Your baby needs a suitable pillow to sleep on3

The standard that comes to the second place is the height of the pillow, which should match the body of babies.

It is not hard to choose a pillow with a right height. A suitable pillow should enable the head sleeping on it to be on the same horizontal level as the body. In other words, it not really the head we want to put our heads on but to hold it to be on the same level with our body with the help of a pillow we have under our neck.

A pillow under the neck helps to keep all the nightmares away.

Your baby needs a suitable pillow to sleep on4

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