How does the mobile affect your sleep at night

By January 16, 2023

Every now and then, most of us will struggle to play the mobile for another five minutes even though we feel hard to open our eyes. If we do not spend time on the mobile phone, we cannot call it a day after a whole busy day at work during the daytime. Without a full-time playing mobile phone, we will always feel reluctant to close our eyes to sleep. For those people, earlier sleeping is another way of abusing ourselves. Different people of various ages play mobile phones for different reasons. Some will play for fun, such as the older ones for listening to music, the mothers for purchasing online, the boys for games. Others play for studying or working.

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But as a matter of fact, the habit of playing mobile before bedtime is really hazardous to our health. It impairs only our eyesight but also our sleep quality.

1. The original purpose of a bed is to sleep. But the connection with phones makes the purpose hard to come true. The short blue waves hiding behind the white screen can make the most sensitive ipRGC excited, thus leading to an interruption of melatonin secretion.

Man laying on bed at late night in a dark room checking his smartphone. Internet addiction.

2. The less secretion of melatonin will affect our sleep level and we will feel hard to fall asleep even after we drop our cell phones. The impact of blue light on our sleep will not stop once we put our phones down. It will be elongated into your sleeping time, which will make you sleep shallowly and in and out abruptly.

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3. In addition, the dark environment around the playing of mobile phones will make the screen background brighter, which is more harmful to eyesight. The long time of exposure to blue light will also make your eyelid in tense condition, so your eyes will be more apt to be tiresome. What’s more, it will cause more problems in the retinal cells, the risk of a damaged eye will be even higher.

From the above analyses, we can know that blue light is the prime killer of our eye health, it damages not only our eyes but also our sleep quality, so if you cannot stop yourself from playing on mobile phones before bedtime, it is suggested to put on a pair of glasses which are blue light-proof. In a word, it is better for you to go to bed earlier and sleep earlier. We should keep in mind that the bed is the place for sleep not for mobile playing.

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