How can we live a healthy life without disease

By July 29, 2022

It is not good to take medicine immediately after catching a cold because the medicine will surely add more burdens to the liver and kidney. But without taking medicine, it is quite hard for somebody to get recovery. So we should find other ways to make us more resistant to such common diseases.

How can we live a healthy life without disease 1

  1. Improve the sleep quality

After each sound sleep, the lymphocyte cells in our body system will be greatly increased in great number. A good sleep will also lift the number of white blood cells, especially the active Macrophages. So the liver will be more powerful when expelling the toxin. In such ways can our body be more defensive when facing the invasion of the bacterial and disease.

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  1. Quit smoking and drinking

If the nicotine in the cigar is taken in by people, it will decrease the resistance of the respiratory cell. In addition, more often drinking and smoking will also damage blood circulation and the heart.

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  1. Have proper sports and vitamin supplement

Taking part in sports will also contribute to the improvement of the immune system. Keep practicing half an hour or so every day and 4-5 days every week can increase the capability of the immune system, so the whole body will be more resistant to the diseases. We can also take in some vitamins to make us stronger. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain most of them. So a daily ingestion of fruit and vegetables is necessary for us to improve our health situations.

How can we live a healthy life without disease 4

  1. Keep a daily massage on the bottom of the feet.

A daily massage on the bottom of the feet will make a big difference to our health. You can do it in this way: hold your left foot with your left hand and rub its center with your right hand for about 80 to 100 times. After that, you can change to the right foot and do the same moves.

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  1. Keeping a positive attitude and a happy mind is another key to making our immune system stronger.

A positive outlook in our life can help to relieve the pressure from work and from trivial things. We know that too much stress is also a source of diseases. Because the stress accumulating in the mind will lead to multiplying of hormones in our body. As we know too much is too less. A normal level is the best state.


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