Can you gain weight eating vegetables and fruits?

By December 23, 2019

Can you gain weight eating vegetables4

Vegetables are the most essential food for our daily life. From an early age, your mother always persuades you to eat more vegetables or fruits as soon as possible. Eating vegetables helps children grow and develop, boosts vitality. It can prevent chronic diseases in some way, such as heart disease, high blood pressure. But, is it possible for gaining weight eating vegetables or fruits?

Can you gain weight eating vegetables3

When we think about losing weight, eating fruits and vegetables may be a good choice. But not all vegetables or fruits can make it happen. Some fruits and vegetables also lead to weight gains, such as Beans and legumes, dried fruit and passion fruit, Cauliflower, broccoli, and Kale. So, you don’t have to always eat meat for putting on weight. We are lead to believe that fruits and vegetables can do no wrong and should thus be consumed in vast quantities in order for us to stay healthy. If you are suffering obese, most of these fruits and vegetables that I listed are not adapt for you.

Can you gain weight eating vegetables2
For most girls who are addicted to lose weight, eating too many fruits and vegetables can make a good result. In fact, vegetables have calories, you could theoretically gain weight if you eat large amounts of them. We can draw a conclusion, if you want to shed your pounds, you need to choose the lower-calorie vegetables, if you make you gain, as long as you stick with higher–calorie vegetables.

Researchers project that by 2050, an estimated 1.5 billion more people will live in places with insufficient supply of fruits and vegetables to meet their daily intake recommendations – unless challenges such as food waste and improved productivity are solve

Lastly, we can recommend vegetable intake. For women, they should eat at least 2 to 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day, and men should eat 2 1/2 to 3 cups. That is can be measured. It is also vital to eat a variety of different vegetables for a week. Eating high starch vegetables allow you to get very fat. In my opinion, that is a cheaper way to gain weight comparing animal meat. In fact, I would like to say it is not difficult to put on weight by eating vegetables and fruits. Speaking of the fruits, higher-calorie ingredients like nuts or coconut is good if weight gain is your goal. Some fresh fruits like avocado and coconut are good sources of healthy fats. Bananas and mangoes are rich in carbs and calories. That is a healthy way to gain weight. If you are on the way to gain weight, why not try the vegetables and fruits.

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