Eat dessert without gaining weight

By September 28, 2020

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Eating dessert every day is a disaster for some people because the sweets can cause weight gain. However, it is possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without gaining weight, just by following some rules that adjust your relationship with sweets. After all, life is too short and it is worth eating what you love.

Enjoy sweets within a boundary

It makes sense that “everything in moderation” for a person trying to lose weight. Generally speaking, overeating definitely causes weight gain, but following a restrictive weight loss diet can be far worse, just leading to binge eating or retaliatory diet. So the best solution is to set a realistic boundary of eating sweets for yourself and stick to it. If you are not sure of your limits, go for the principle rule: eat in portions, and have a dessert once a week.

Choose healthier desserts

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If you want to have desserts more than once a week, choose healthier desserts instead. Avoid food that is high in sugar and fat and turns for more fruits. On the other hand, you can make dessert at home with better and natural ingredients, which can satisfy your sweet tooth and help you stay healthy as well. No idea how to start? Just search on Pinterest or another healthy dessert website for the simple recipe of any dessert imaginable.

Think twice before emotional eating

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Emotional eating happens when you’re stressed, depressed, bored, or hurt and feel the craving for food for comfort. It seems to be the simplest way to have temporary relief, but it doesn’t help in the long run, or even lead to a vicious circle: more food to comfort, guilt and shame, and then more food… What you need to do is ask yourself before emotional eating: “What am I actually hungry for right now?” If you do find it necessary to deal with your emotions with some dessert, feel free to do that with no guilt. If not, stop the craving for sweets in time.

Go to the gym

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If you don’t want to gain weight, go to the gym to burn the calories you consume. This can help you keep a healthy diet without the need of starving yourself to lose weight. Your muscles use sugar as energy, so just make use of them and don’t give your body the chance to store the extra calories as fat.

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