Do You Know How Important the Pillow Is?

By February 3, 2023

One of the keys to maintaining good sleep quality is to use the right pillow which would play its due role. When sleeping, place your head and neck on the pillow, let the pillow support them and keep your neck in a proper position, so that the pillow can play its role. If you just place your head on the pillow, the posture may be wrong. If so, it would not help no matter how expensive or good the pillow would be.

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The height of the pillow

In addition to the proper pillow posture, the suitable height of the pillow helps you get a nice sleep. The pillow will do harm to the body if it is too high or too low for your neck. Studies have shown that a pillow that is too high will hinder the normal blood circulation of the head, easily lead to cerebral hypoxia, and cause problems such as snoring and a stiff neck. And a pillow that is too low will be likely to cause eyelid and facial edema. Moreover, people with asthma, lung disease, and heart disease will be suggested not to use low pillows.

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The suitability of height

The scientific and suitable height of a pillow is determined according to the physiological curve of the human neck and cervical spine. Only by maintaining its normal physiological curvature can the joints, muscles, ligaments, etc. of the shoulder and neck be in a relaxed state and help you get better rest. Under normal circumstances, the height of the pillow should be slightly lower than the distance from the shoulder to the neck on the same side, about 8 to 15 cm, or calculated according to the formula: (shoulder width – head width) ÷ 2.

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The elasticity of the pillow

Softness and elasticity will also affect the quality of sleep. The material, pillow type, and softness of the pillow will also have effects on our sleep. The pillow core should be made as a moderately soft and slightly elastic one.

Pillows that are too hard will increase the pressure on the head and neck, causing head discomfort; pillows that are too soft will make it difficult to maintain a normal height, and the head and neck will be fatigued due to poor support.

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In addition, the pillow should have appropriate elasticity. If the pillow is too elastic, the head will continue to be subjected to external elastic force, resulting in muscle fatigue and damage. Such kinds of pillows cannot be regarded as beneficial to health.

Above all, the importance of pillows is self-evident. When choosing a pillow, you should consider your own situation comprehensively and select the most suitable one for your own.


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