Do You Know About the Dangers of An Immediate Shower After Exercise?

By October 7, 2022

Now, fitness exercise has become a daily to-do for people in increasing number. After a hearty exercise, taking a good bath can be described as great comfort. Today, we would continue the topic of the last time, and let’s discuss the harm of taking a shower immediately after exercise.

The dangers of an immediate shower after exercise:

do you know about the dangers of an immediate shower after exercise1

  1. It is easy to cause hypoglycemia, leading to syncope

After strenuous exercise, our body will be in a state of extreme hypoglycemia for a period of time. At this time, we need to give the body a buffer time to relax and recover, because, during this period, the body will consume fat and convert it into blood sugar. We should wait for the blood sugar to stabilize before taking a bath. Besides, due to a large amount of water vapor in the bathing room, it is easy to cause hypoxia. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, coupled with low blood sugar and other physical conditions, it may lead to fainting.

do you know about the dangers of an immediate shower after exercise2

  1. It would endanger the heart and brain

During exercise, enlarged blood flow to the muscles would cause the heart rate to rise. When exercise stops, blood flow and heart rate ease, but it would continue for a relatively long period of time. Especially for the elderly or obese groups, if they take a shower right after exercise, the blood accumulated in the muscles will further increase. Because the blood of the internal organs of the body is excessively extracted, then some other important organs will not have a sufficient blood supply, and they will become dizzy, weak, and even collapse into shock in severe cases.

do you know about the dangers of an immediate shower after exercise3

  1. It may affect heat dissipation and fat burning

After fitness, the body has been in a condition of continuous fat burning, and the pores of the body are in a state of opening heat dissipation. So if you take a bath right away, the heat dissipation will be accelerated, and the temperature of the skin would be affected to create stressful self-protection, which in turn increases the body’s sebum thickness.

do you know about the dangers of an immediate shower after exercise4

Other situations where you should not take a bath in your daily life, such as after drinking. Because alcohol can inhibit the body’s liver function activities, and hinder the release of glycogen. Glucose consumption in the body increases while bathing. Taking a bath at once after drinking will lead to dizziness, general weakness, and even hypoglycemia coma in severe cases.

All in all, hope that you find this article helpful. Stay safe and healthy.


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