Can Kids Drink Milk Tea?

By August 26, 2019

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Now, we are witnessing the surge of a beverage, the milk tea, spreading all over the world, from the unquenchable thirst for it in China, long lines to buy it in Japan, to the bust trend of it in German and other western nations. With its popularity, many concerns have been raised as well. Some people would leave their half-finished drinks on the street, and some would leave lots of plastic cups and straws in the waste bins or not. These days, some people start to worry about another problem: Can kids drink milk tea?


Milk tea, or bubble tea, is a kind of drink originally invented in Taiwan, China. It was made of milk and tea with tapioca pearl which offers a special feeling of chewing it. Unfortunately, these tapioca pearls are the first reason the expert said it’s not good for children to drink milk tea. There are several reports mentioning that children may be sucked in and choked on a tapioca pearl, which eventually lodged in one’s trachea. Kids are too young to eat something hard or big. In this way, parents should cut high-risk items, like grapes, cherries or melon balls, into quarters before feeding them to their children, not least tapioca pearl.

Besides, many experts hold the opinion that the ingredients in milk tea, tapioca pearls, and flavored syrups, are damaging to children’s teeth and could lead to a number of dental problems for your children. Because sugar and acids would lead person to be suffered from enamel erosion, representing an increased risk of cavities and decay of your children’s teeth. Kids, especially after saying goodbye to baby teeth, need to be more careful about the health of their teeth.

What’s more, the great amount of sugar would lead to drinker’s diabetes, putting children at risk of gum disease. Although tapioca just includes a very low level of fat, cholesterol, and sodium. But milk tea providers, at present, tend to add sweet foods to make this beverage tastier. The Cyanogen in it is transformed in humans and animals after the plant tissue has been weakened. The blood remains oxygenated after it passes through your body and back to the lungs.


Then, what kinds of drinks should we give our children? The healthiest one is water, helping children away from thirsty and containing fluoride, which can strengthen tooth enamel. Fruit juice is a good choice as well. Try for it.

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