Brian Fediuk: Ecooe Red Wine Aerator Review

By August 19, 2016

Wine is an age-old beverage that has built a large culture. For some, wine is a great way to relax after a long work week. For others, wine is an art. To appreciate art, you need to know about the topic, including how it is created, the inspiration, the science, the culture, etc.

Enter the ECOOE Red Wine Aerator. This glass device was engineered to help bring out the flavor in wine by adding air to the drink. Through this post, I will teach you a little bit about wine.

Ecooe Red Wine Aerator

What’s In the Box?

Inside the box we have the following items:

  • Aerator Component
  • Filter
  • Stand
  • Instruction Manual

Looking at each component, the quality is definitely above the asking price for this component. The actual aerator is solid glass and has a nice rubber grip around it, for both your hand and the wine glass.

Ecooe Red Wine Aerator Package

Testing It Out

Before testing this device out, I ran to my local wine store and bought a cheap bottle of wine. I don’t really drink wine, so my knowledge was limited until I asked the salesperson. She informed me that aerators are used to help a wine “air out”. When a wine gets a chance to breathe, the flavors and aromas enhance the experience of the person drinking the wine. Usually, wine is left to air out for an hour or so by opening the bottle and letting it sit. However, in a scenario where wine bottles are opened rapidly or people do not want to wait for an hour, the aerator comes into play.

Ecooe Red Wine Aerator Test

I was able to test this out by pouring a steady stream of water into the top of the aerator and observe it coming out the bottom. As you can see, the exit of the water looked quite “aerated”. Check out the Youtube video to see it in action with actual wine.

I have to say, testing the wine before the aeration process was not a great experience. I don’t really like wine, but the taste was not right. The wine tasted dry and there was not a pleasant flavor. However, once I poured it through the aerator, I tasted some sweetness and flavor within the beverage, and it became much more tolerable.


Overall, this device is awesome! While I am not a wine drinker, I could see myself adding this to my personal bar in the event that someone brings wine over. If you drink wine and don’t want to wait an hour or so for it to breathe, get one of these. They also make fantastic gifts!

Ecooe Red Wine Aerator Overview

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