How to Store Wine After Opening Without A Cork

By November 19, 2016

When wine is opened, how long could it last with nearly the same taste when opening it?

How to Store Opened Wine

How to store wine after opening without a cork? Well, as we all know, while searching the best answer on google, the first rule of preserving your wine is to re-cork. So, what if the cork is falling in the wine bottle while opening, how to store wine without a cork? 

To eke out a few more days of freshness, you’ll be more successful if you use one of a number of fairly inexpensive gadgets, for example, the Ecooe Stainless Steel Vacuum Seal Bottle Stopper, which will attempt to stop oxidation by extracting air from the bottle.


Surely, you could also find a glass pitcher.  Simply pour your wine into the pitcher, filling it as close to the brim as you possibly can.

Please noted that both of the methods above when it’s done, please store the wine in the fridge as the cool temp (Wine 101: What Temperature Should Red Wine be Stored) can slow down the chemical process, including the process of oxidation that takes place when wine is exposed to oxygen. 

How long will the wine keep? Generally, the wine can be stored in near-perfect condition for up to 5 whole days, even though we rarely need to store it for that long. 


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  1. Great information. I have a tendency to damage the cork when I am opening the bottle. So this is a great tip. I also didn’t know how long a bottle of wine will last in the fridge. I have used way past the 5 day rule, oops.

    • Maybe you can find detailed information here. Generally speaking, white wine lasts for 1-3 days storing in the refrigerator, while red wine lasts longer for 1-2 weeks after opening.

  2. Unfortunately never had this problem, once my wine is opened there is never anything left in the bottle for me to worry about storing! lol

  3. Wine never lasts more than a day after opening in my house lol

  4. Who has wine left?

  5. No way wine is for drinking not storing!

  6. Depending on the kind of wine,I would refrigerate or leave it out.

  7. I never have any left to cork , but if. Did I’d use a cork

  8. good tips, I tend to freeze leftover bitsin ice trays to use in cooking

  9. I have a bottle stopper but love the vacuum seal bottle stopper – I will be adding it to my Christmas list!

  10. Haha never I’d never store wine once opened it has to be drunk I love wine

  11. Good wine is meant to be enjoyed not stored.

  12. Who needs to store wine?! Ir you don’t finish the bottle, you’re not doing it right! Saying that – nothing wrong with a bit of cling film and an elastic band – cheap and cheerfull!

  13. Never store it just pour it

  14. Once a bottle is opened here, it is normally emptied, so none left to store.

  15. i have a bottle stopper that i use

  16. I really don’t drink wine. I only use it for cooking.

  17. I don’t drink wine sorry.

  18. Useful item!

  19. I do have a cork stopper that was a gift. It works a treat.

  20. I pour into a decanter with a stopper.

  21. should finish the bottle up – not store it.

  22. I’ll pour wine to the bottle with a cap

  23. There is nothing ever left

  24. I have a novelty bottle stop I use.

  25. I put a zip lock bag over opening wrap with rubber band and store on wine rack in my refrigerator