Best way to do laundry

By May 25, 2018

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Here comes a weird argument, which has been verified by researchers of Columbia University, bad smell clothes from your mate help relieve stress. It is because people feel more relaxed and reliable to a similar smell which may decrease the cortisol levels within their body and bring about emotional security. But there is no excuse for you to keep your laundry alone for quite a long time. Actually, it is no huge job to do laundry but a pleasure operation, if armed with proper ways and equipment.


#1 Laundering your clothes at right time

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Just as you do a thorough house clean twice a week, there is no need for you to have a close contact with laundry every day, especially your favorite specially processed dress and jeans made from unique materials. Under this way, piles of clothes can be reduced and the saved electricity and water does good to environment as well.

#2 Sorting laundry more than “lights” and “darks”

Clean washing in three plastic laundry baskets

A basic fashion for sorting laundry comes down to the lights and the darks. However, studies have shown that a more scientific categorization of clothes ensure a cleaner and fresher result. From what we have mentioned above, you can divide laundry into two general piles at first, “recycle wearing” and “ready to be washed”. And then make a detailed classification in accordance with its function. The former type needs less detergent and not strict washing to keep the way it appears as before. The second group consists of smelly clothes to be washed readily such as sports shirts after exercise and anything covered with your feet. Pay much more attention to something related to your private parts like underwear, bras and so on. Do not mix them with your socks and other muddy and dirty clothes to avoid allergy caused by bacteria.

#3 Friendly equipment

Good cleaning helpers make you enjoy laundry and live a comfortable and convenient life. Here recommends you 3 kinds of cleaning and laundry bags that help with dirty clothes.

Ecooe Polyester 7-Pack Set Mesh Laundry Bag


Ecooe polyester 2-Pack Laundry Bags for Shoes


The reinforced structure makes a durable use for your washing process. Besides, it can also be used as a shoes box to avoid abrasions and save space while traveling.

#4 Colors determine water temperature

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New shirts are sensible to the water temperature, and it would be better to make a test for bleeding test. Basically, clothes in light color can be washed in hot water, while darker colors are more likely to be put into warm water in order to prevent colors bleeding.

#5 Right detergent distribution

It is not a proper method to put detergent directly on your clothes, for it may cause an uneven distribution. Remember to add detergent after your clothes have been soaked in water.

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