What happens when you stop wearing a bra

By December 6, 2021

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Wearing a bra has been a routine for many modern women that forgoing it is just like being exposed. However, when you are exhausted after a long day of hard work, wearing formal clothes for business all the time, will you just want to wear casual and go without a bra? But, what happens when you actually do that?

Improve the skin on your chest and back

Wearing a bra for a long time do great pressure on your boobs, and the straps are clawing to your skin, possibly causing redness or swelling. During humid weather, you are also at the risk of yeast buildup due to excessive sweating. The typical yeast infection includes odor and itching. Going without a bra can help your skin to breathe and prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

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Your breasts wont sag without a bra

Many people wrongly believe that the breasts will sag over time as soon as you stop wearing a bra. Actually, studies found that those who don’t wear a bra tend to have perkier and rounder breasts. For women between 18-35, sagging won’t be a problem, while as you age, you may then have to wear a bra to hold your breasts and make them look better.

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Improve your circulation

Not only may the bra cause skin irritation, but it can also disrupt the normal circulation around your chest and back. If the bra is too tight, the oxygen and nutrients may not be successfully sent to the cells of this area which can lead to backache. In certain cases, the pressure on your chest, back, shoulders and rib cage can even cause constant pins and needles. The situation is worse on women with larger breasts, as the bra is usually tighter on them.

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Help you feel relaxed

Just as getting out from a cage, unclipping your bra makes you feel free and comfortable. Though the first step might be difficult, you’ll benefit a lot in the long run. Without this physical restriction, you may also be able to better concentrate on what you do. Women with smaller breasts may not sense a big difference when not wearing a bra, while for those with larger breasts, it is not recommended to go sans bra because the weight of breasts will cause pressure on the shoulders and back instead.

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