What are top 4 fruit for the summer days

By August 22, 2022

In the hot summer, everyone seems to want to live in the fridge to cool down. In order to drive away bothering hotness, most of us will choose to have ice cream or icy fruit. But an over ingestion of such things will make us have problems in our stomach, decreasing our appetite for other food. Here we would like to suggest to you 5 kinds of base forming fruit, which on the one hand, can help to improve your appetite in the summer days and add no burdens to your stomach on the other hand.

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The sweet melon

It is also called the muskmelon, you can receive a fruit fragrance only by holding it in your hand. This kind of melon is rich in juice. A bite of a ripe sweet melon can make you have a mouthful of sweetness. As belonging to the base-forming fruit, the muskmelon can be helpful in both supplementing energy and nutrition and clearing away the summer heat. But it is not suggested to put in the fridge if you can not eat all the melon because this will give rise to bacteria.


The grapes

Grapes are the most common fruit in summer, which can satisfy your craving for food in the summer, and they can also protect your blood pressure and veins. But before eating, you have to clean it carefully. Firstly, cut the grapes off one by one, and it is better to be with a stem. Then, add a handful of soda and salt and a spoon of flour into the water. Leave the grapes in the water for 5 minutes before washing them.

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The peaches

With the fame of “nourishing queen”, peaches can beautify your skin with their rich nutrition. What’s more, it’s abundant in dietary fiber with low calories and can help you to lose weight if you are putting on a diet. Different from other fruit, peaches have fuzz on the skin surface. To remove it, you can apply salt on its skin and run the whole fruit several times. And then wash it with fresh water.

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The bananas

It is very often for us to sweat, which will also take away the water and inorganic salts from our body. And that is the reason why we tend to be sleepy easily. But bananas are a good source of inorganic salts. You can keep the bananas for a longer time with a plastic wrap around the root because that can stop their contact with the air.  

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