Top 3 Housewife Hacking Essentials

By December 4, 2018


For housewives, there are generally three duties that are required of doing, cooking, washing, and neatening. Some seem-to-be easy work such as washing glass cups, using washing machine and putting every little thing in the right positions can also bring in exhausting experience. Here are three top housewife hacking essentials for you.

Top 1 Ecooe 1000 Stainless Steel Cleaning Beads



Many families will store wines for celebration. And when it comes to red wines, a sparking glass container will add more romance to the whole family. Not only wines, some daily beverages such as cocktails also need containers. Though elegant in appearance, to wash these flaskets is a troublesome work. Soft towel is unable to reach the deep side; sponge stick cannot wash out stains at every corner. Here we got a marvelous tool—steel cleaning beads.

You just need to put a little bit water, lemon juice or vinegar and some beads into the bottle and swirl it repeatedly. A few minutes later you will get a sparkling decanter.

This kind of steel bead is reusable and chemicals-free, durable as it is it can last for many years. Generally speaking, it is a safer cleaning option for drinking vessels.

Top 2 Ecooe Polyester 7-Pack Set Mesh Laundry Bag


Then it comes to laundry bag. We all know that deep colored clothes and light colored clothes cannot be put together in the same machine, or else the light colored one will be colored. However, when there are only several pieces of light colored clothes, to separately wash them by machine may result in a waste of time and electricity. Now with mesh laundry bag on hand we can wash them at the same time.

This kind of laundry bag is designed in different colors, size and shape, which makes it good for various clothes. Thanks to the premium material construction, the laundry bags are durable enough to protect your clothes while washing yet breathable for cleaning.

Ecooe Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetics Organiser


Lipsticks, Mascara, foundation make-up, eyebrow pencil, sun cream, concealer….for make-up, these are essential things that need to be stored together in an obvious place. Yet when some things such as double eyelid stickers are emergently in need, how do you find them successfully in an instant? You need to prepare an organizer.

This organizer is designed with vertical and stackable structure which helps to make the full use of your dressing table and cut your rummaging time. There are two layers in the inner side, the top and bottom part can be detached, which is selective to your preference.

Crystal as it is, it is not made in glass or plastic but acrylic, which prevents it from fragility and fading as time moves on. This material also benefits the cleaning process; you just need to wipe the stains away with a watered towel.

Just get yourself prepared with these hacking essentials and lessen the pressure of housework. These creative products will set you back to your own activity.

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