Is It a Bad Idea to Drink Coffee in the Morning?

By November 8, 2018


Having a morning coffee has been a part of our life since long ago even we don’t know. It seems to be an efficient way to wake and fresh us for the rest whole day. However, is it a good way to consume a cup of coffee in the morning? Perhaps, you have been wrong on the right time of coffee consumption all these years! Let’s see why!


Drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a bad idea

“Just wake up in the morning, slowly get up, pull the curtain open, and turn back to the kitchen treat yourself with a fresh coffee.” Is this familiar to you? Yes, we all love morning coffee, but it is a bad idea actually if you have a cup of coffee just after shortly wake up. Why is like that?

Well, this is related to our nature as human being. We all have our own circadian clock which helps to wake us up in the morning and make us fall asleep at night. When comes to the role it plays in waking us up, we connect it to one of the most important reasons why we would like to sip a cup of coffee —- it can keep us more awake! While in fact, there is a chemical released by our body that makes the same effect as caffeine, known as cortisol or “stress hormone”.

You may think that the caffeine may supplement the effect of the cortisol and help us to be more active. But things go to the opposite side, the caffeine replaces instead of supplement the cortisol to work, which make us rely more on caffeine and finally reduces its effect.


Time you should avoid drinking coffee

According to some studies, there are three times when cortisol in our body rises: 9:00 am; 12:00-1:00 and 5:30-6:30. In order to avoid our body relies more on Caffeine, it is suggested to not drink coffee at the three peaks when cortisol rising.

Why you shouldn’t drink coffee when cortisol production is high

It is quite understandable that the intake of caffeine will interfere with the production of cortisol. In this case, our body will produces less of the cortisol and it will make our body relies more on the caffeine. While highly relying on coffee intake will lead to long-term tolerances for caffeine and you may need more and more coffee to feel energetic in a day and coffee will make less and less effect on you.


Many of you may question about that and ask “what if I get up too early in the morning or too late?” I need to explain when the “morning” here refers to. Generally cortisol released to its peak when we are just awake, so here our title “is it a bad idea to drink coffee in the morning” just suggests that it is not a good idea to drink coffee after shortly wake up. In fact, experts believe that coffee is good for our health, so you should drink them every day but in an appropriate period and amount.

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