How your mental health affects your skin?

By June 19, 2020

Our skin tends to show our feelings inside. When we are embarrassed or get afraid, our skin may turn red or white. When we are in poor mental health, it will also reflect outside accordingly. So before we do skincare, it’s better to learn about our mental health and then act on the diagnosis.

Mental health and skin

How your mental health affects your skin and hair1

The two most common symptoms of mental problems are anxiety and stress. When people become stressed, the level of stress hormone will rise and there will be some changes in our skin following afterward, as an increase in oil production and a water loss in the skin. Damaged skin cells are very fragile to the external environment, leading to uncomfortable feelings like sensitivity, dry, tight or rough on the skin, or skin problems like acne, hair loss, eczema, dermatitis, etc. It is important to know that our body is just like a machine – malfunction of any part is likely to affect it. But knowing that our bad mental condition is the culprit of skin problems, what to do to have better mental health?

Healthy diet

How your mental health affects your skin and hair2

Eating nutritional whole foods can help better our mood and the skin as well. Do avoid inflammatory and high-glycemic foods or else the skin problems may be worse. In addition, be sure to drink as much water as possible (3L a day is recommended) because it will boost metabolism.

Regular exercise

How your mental health affects your skin and hair3

Exercise is not only beneficial to our body but also great to our skin, especially when we can go outside. Just breathing the fresh air can make us happy. Sweating is also a way of speeding up the blood circulation of the whole body and helping expel toxins. So, when you have a chance to exercise, don’t miss it!

Good sleep

How your mental health affects your skin and hair4

Though it is usually a hard thing to get decent sleep when we are under pressure, sleeping is essential for the body to maintain the immune system. When we are sleeping, our body is working to repair the cells and rebuild a refreshed skin. Remember to leave the mobiles and other electronics before bed.

The mind and skin are so deeply connected that sometimes we even can’t realize our skin problems roots in our anxiety or stress. But once we realize that, and take actions to better our mental health, we’ll regain healthy skin in a much more natural way.


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