How to store your Christmas string lights

By May 1, 2019

How to store your Christmas string lights 3

Holiday season is gone, now it’s time to box up all those bling-bling holiday decor. But it can be frustrating than needing when it comes to organize Christmas string lights. Because you can’t just put them away as you will still need them next season, and of course you don’t want to spend the whole time just to untangle the web at the start of preparing holiday decor. 

If this sounds familiar to you, well, you know the problem lurked at the end of the previous holiday season when the string lights need to be taken down and put away.

Let’s see how to fix the problem by following simple and ways. And this year, don’t rush to put anything away, but put them away in a stress-free manner.


Fold Your String Lights By Hand

How to store your Christmas string lights 4

This way has been proved year after year, and it does work. Here are details on how you fold them into a bunch.

First, grab one end of the string light. And with the end at the bottom and the first bulb at the top, hold the string at your hand. And next you fold the string lights with one bulb at top, one bulb at the bottom and with the string holding in your hand. Continue fold back and forth, back and forth, until you meet the other end of the string light, and use the zip tie to tie them up but not too tight. Now they won’t tangle and they are compact to put away. If you keep storing them this way year after year, they will keep this shape when you fold them. It’ll be getting easier and easier every year.


Wrap Your String Lights around the Hanger

How to store your Christmas string lights 5
The hanger way is pretty easy and you can always find an unused hanger in your house.

Just tightly wrap your Christmas string lights around the body of the hanger, and garner the plugs on both ends carefully, and keep them stuck in the strings so they don’t become loose over time. This is a real handy and low-cost way to store your Christmas string lights.


Wrap Your String Lights around the Cardboard

How to store your Christmas string lights 1

This one is the most economical and eco way.

Cut out a cardboard from a medium size package box.

Cut one-inch slits on one side of the cardboard.

Repeat the other side, and make sure the slits are lined up.

Wrap the string lights across the board and secure on the opposite side.

When all the lights are wrapped, push the prongs into the slits to secure together.

 How to store your Christmas string lights 2

After getting all your Christmas string lights organized, store them into your closet or a box of other holiday decors until it’s time to shine up your house next year. If you have better ways to share with us, please write your comment below.




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