How to minimize the effects of alcohol

By October 12, 2020

Many people have ever imbibed on special holidays or important occasions and experienced the terrible hangover the next day. Luckily, with some proper precautions, you can avoid or eliminate the side effects of heavy drinking.

Eat first

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There is a lot of food to eat on an empty stomach except one thing: alcohol. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, it will process really fast and then pass through your small intestine and be absorbed into the bloodstream, causing side effects like depriving your ability to think and coordinate your body movements. So, to slow the influence alcohol has on your body, it’s better to eat something first. Choose healthy foods that contain a good deal of healthy fats or protein, rather than junk foods like chips and cookies that are easily absorbed.

Stay hydrated

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Dehydration is the key reason for your hangover. You should drink water before and when you drink alcohol to combat its side effects. Even before you go to sleep, you need to leave a glass of water by the bed, as sleeping can still dehydrate you – albeit a little – and you can drink it as soon as you wake up midnight.

Eat nutritious foods afterward

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It’s important to eat nutritious foods to combat the effects of alcohol after overdrinking. For example, eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that can absorb the toxins released by alcohol. Crackers and toast both contain sodium, eating them can help you replenish the sodium lost in alcohol consumption and help your body work properly. Recommended foods also include banana which is rich in potassium, soup, chicken noodle, and others full of nutrients.

Have a good sleep and exercise

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Alcohol will make you feel sleepy, and caffeinated beverages may not help. Actually, taking a nap is the best way to re-energize you and get rid of headaches and disordered thoughts. You can also take a shower to raise your core temperature and prepare your body for a good sleep. Of course, if you are still outside and can’t go to bed right away, it’s better for you to go for a walk. Exercise in moderation will speed up your metabolism, processing the alcohol faster. Obviously, alcohol-impaired your ability to walk, so make sure you walk in a safe space.


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