How to Get Back on Track After a Binge?

By February 17, 2020

Pig out is a problem everyone may have. People who binged usually suffer from the guilty that they failed to control their appetite. For those who are overweight, this feeling may even be stronger. However, food binge is not the end of the world. Picking up some healthy habits, you can get back on track in just a few days.

Stay Hydrated

How to Get Back on Track After a Binge1-water

Staying hydrated is a good way to help you recover from a binge. It is difficult to drink water when you are super full, but you can do it the next day. Because the common case is, you take in too much high-salt and high-sugar foods, your body needs water much more than usual to help accelerate metabolism and fight against gas-induced bloat.

Replenish with Healthy Food

How to Get Back on Track After a Binge2-veggies

Right after a food binge, you need to restore healthy eating habits as soon as possible. Make sure you have amount of vegetables and fruits, as these food contains a high level of vitamins and minerals which can keep you feeling full and stop cravings for more food. Lean protein is also important in preventing you from eating worse food and overeating.

Hit the Sack

How to Get Back on Track After a Binge3-sleeping

Researchers found that lack of sleep may result in increased appetite. Ghrelin and leptin, two important hormones involved with feelings of hunger and appetite, will be in disorder and lead to higher calorie intake if sleeping for fewer than 8 hours. Also, a quality sleeping will help you return to the regulated living and healthy diet.

Start Exercising

How to Get Back on Track After a Binge4-jogging

Some people hold that it is dangerous to consider exercise as a way to offset overeating, as that may deepen guilty and grow bad eating habits. However, in occasional food binging, getting yourself moving can help a lot. When you exercise, your body will take in plenty of oxygen, keeping food moving through more smoothly. Professionals suggest, 30 minutes each day like walking and jogging or just a trip to the mall is enough to aid in digestion and lower body sugar.

An unplanned binge may happen anytime. But we are by all means able to take control of it. The first thing is to develop the habit of having a smaller portion of the food in everyday life. The next time you are going to overeat, ask yourself whether you are really hungry or not. After all, your stomach always lags around 15 minutes behind your brain.


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