How to choose a good red wine glass

By April 27, 2018

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Good red wine glasses, for high-end wine stores and also some coffee shops, is promotional substantially.

A good red wine glass, for people have taken a quite fancy of red wine, helps create a better experience to enjoy the tastes and aromas.

And a good red wine glass, for wine snobs, is rather an ultimate pursuit of unique and exclusive style of the red wine tasting.

It is obvious that red wine is more than table stuff with social etiquette but as our life companion as meals and water. That’s what it is. Choose a good red wine glass can be of great fun and use.

In actuality, there are three rules for your best red wine glasses pick. Read on and gain confidence when drinking red wine anywhere next time.

1# Red wine tasting experience

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Red wine glasses come out to be a key to red wine tasting experience. Often there are 4 categories of red wine, full-bodied, light-bodied, rose, and spicy red wine. Choosing a proper red wine glass for each of them does affect the experience that the wine aromas released enter your nose.

Light-bodied red wine glasses have a bigger bowl in width and thus a bigger surface area to let the aromas out. Full-bodied red wine glasses are high of its body, keeping the aroma remained for longer time.

2# More drinks traveling

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You may have seen cases that restaurants serve both white wine and red wine in red wine glasses. And still some coffee shops use the glass with coffee poured into and send to customers. It is not a deliberate combination for attraction. This bulbous and fatty-bodied red wine glass does a great job in delivering aromas of coffee all through the ring and the rim. And more especially, it shapes and maintains good beer foam better than brandy snifters. As studies have shown, stores serve coffee and spirits with Burgundy-like red wine glasses have made a successful sales performance.

3# Wine tasting styles

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If you lay much attention to this point, it means that you value the correctness of red wine serving.

How to choose a proper red wine glass depends on what levels of red wine you drink. In a very specific way, it is the tannins contained in red wine selected.

  • High tannin contained with high acidity red wine are more suited for red wine glasses with large capacity and medium height. This way, aromas in the medium or full-bodied wine can thus be remained longer.
  • High tannin contained with high alcohol red wine is to be served with red wine glasses with smaller capacity and low height. Usually this full-bodied red wine, such as Zinfandel, Malbec, and Tannat are required for a comparatively small glass shape.
  • Low tannin contained with low alcohol red wine can be poured into red wine glasses having wider and bulbous body. Since the red wine is light-bodied, large surface areas exposed are accepted.

Hope you have got your inner standard red wine glasses, if you have any questions, please edit in the comment boxed below.


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