How Much Tea Should You Drink a Day?

By September 5, 2022

As is known, tea, rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids and other nutrients beneficial to the human body, can not only reduce blood lipids but slow down aging. Therefore, this kind of drink has become the first choice for people in increasing numbers to keep healthy. There are many benefits of tea drinking. But as a saying goes, too much water drowned the miller. Now, the question is how much tea you should drink a day.

How much tea is suitable for a day1

1. Tea cannot be replaced with water.

Our bodies would lose a lot of water every day, especially in hot summer, thus we need to take in plenty of water in time to meet the demand of our bodies. Whereas, tea contains a variety of vitamins and other substances and drinking it can indeed supplement water in the body. But it is not a recommended lifestyle for one to replace drinking water with tea each day. In terms of proportion, some experts pointed out that each person needs to supplement his body with 1.6 to 2.5L of water daily, while tea only accounts for about 600ml of it. Consequently, drinking tea alone cannot meet the human body’s need for water. 

In addition, the ingredients of tea differ from that of water, and most of these ingredients need to be metabolized by the body by releasing water to facilitate its absorption. Hence, drinking tea especially strongly instead of water for a long time is likely to cause hydropenia problems.

How much tea is suitable for a day2

2. The best amount of tea drinking

In order to give full play to the efficacy of tea and ensure a healthy body, how much tea should we drink a day? Generally speaking, an adult, who has the habit of drinking tea, should use 12 to 20 grams of tea leaves and let the drink brew about 3 to 4 times. When brewing each time, you can figure out the appropriate dosage of tea.

How much tea is suitable for a day3

3. The best time to drink tea

Some people are used to drinking tea in the morning to make themselves energetic, while others prefer to have it at night to help refresh their minds. So, when is the best time to drink tea? It is from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. Drinking can play a role in conditioning during this period, and it is easier for our bodies to absorb the ingredients in tea effectively. As it aids detoxification, thereby bringing benefits to the body.

How much tea is suitable for a day4

Tea has always been popular among the public as a beneficial drink due to its numerous helpful effects. But drinking it needs to be in moderation. An appropriate amount can do good to our health physically and mentally. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the body.


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