How does wine taste better with age?

By June 8, 2020

As a sommelier who is rich in knowledgeable and trained wine professionals, it only takes a few seconds to taste the aging of wine. Most of wine is tasting better with age, well–balanced and less astringent, while young wine is much better to drink earlier, keeping the antioxidants longer for potential health benefits and combined with condensed tannin. 

How does wine taste better with age3

Nothing will rival the allure of some aged wines. In general, red wine taste better with age because of a complex chemical reaction occurring among sugars, acids, and substances known as phenolic compounds. Red wine contains rich tannins that can control the flavor of the wine to develop it smooth, full flavor. It is not to say that older wine is tasting better. There is a peak for most of the wine , just like a bell curve. Some of the wine with 20 years old is keeping the best taste, while others need to age for 50 years old.

How does wine taste better with age2

There is tough work for aging wine. Temperature and humidity play an important role. Keeping wine at temperatures between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit is the most suitable condition. In order to keep an optimal taste, it is better to keep 60-70 percent humidity. Under 60 percent humidity will dry out the cork, exposing the wine to air, releasing the aromas, and unsettling the fermentation process. Do you believe that only 1 % of wine produced in the world is meant to be aged? The price of a real aged wine is rather expensive between $18000-$30000 in the market. Enjoying the aging wine is a romantic thing because of its preciousness.

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All in all, the flavor of an aged wine is more full and mellow. White wine can be consumed in a short time, with no need for aging. I recommend Pinot Noir and Sangiovese for aging that are less acid. Drinking aging wine is beneficial for gut microbiome and cardiovascular health. For the fullest enjoying the wine, Here is Ecooe Quick Wine Aerator Decanter. By pouring wine through, just the right amount of air will be infused for the enhanced bouquet, fuller flavor, and smoother finish and you will enjoy every single wine to its fullest.


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