How can you Reuse Tea in a Safe Way

By December 13, 2018

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Tea is originated from China and has populated among the whole world for its special good-for-health function. Yet the debate over the reuse of tea has also been a hot topic since that popularization. In China, the reuse of tea is so common that they rarely regard it as an unsafe behavior. Moreover, some tea sippers even use several steep to catch the best taste of it. Yet in western countries, people believe that tea leaves after 3 hours of steep will encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

Actually, it is not suggested to reuse tea bags after one steep, for the fear of harmful bacteria and mold growth. Yet, for tea leaves, it is ok to reuse. The key lies in the remove of moisture. Here are several helpful steps for you.


Firstly, absorb the excess moisture from the surface of tea leaves. Remember not to squeeze for the fear of leaves broken.

Secondly, spread the leaves out on a flat surface and place them in a well-circulated room.

We say that tea bags are not suggested to reuse, and the reuse of tea leaves also seems tedious. So can we use tea in other genius ways? The answer is yes.

Eliminate dark circles. When you place old tea bags over your eyes it can relieve dark circles and puffiness.

Add new flavor to your food. Tea has its special flavor of leaves that helps to add faint scent to your food. You just need to add a used tea bag to boiling water that you plan on cooking pasta, grains, chicken, etc. when the water has boiled again, remove the tea bags and add the food to the boiling water.

Clean glass. Rub damp tea bags over the surface of your glass, and then wash it with running water, you will find cleaning glass so easy. Not only for glass, it is also effective for mirrors.

Fight against sunburn. In summer, travelers tend to suffer from sunburn. People who never experience that may take it leisurely, but that burning feeling is indeed miserable. You can effectively expel that feeling by rubbing a dampened used tea bag over your burn.

Refresh household air. Put your used tea bags in your trash can and fridge, it will act as an air freshener.

Evict mice. Mice dislike tea desperately and they will escape from tea leaves. That is good news for us. If you find somewhere in the room is frequently visited by mice, you can circle that corner with tea leaves. They will naturally walk away and never return.

Ditch The Smelly Feet. For sports lovers, the sweaty body is so easy to moisten the whole garment, include the shoes. Shoes are not as easily be cleaned as clothes and it also consumes more time in drying. So you are not supposed to wash them every day, instead you will choose dispel the smelly flavor by air drying. Now with a tea bag in the shoes, you can deal with it more easily. Tea bags can also be set in warm water where your feet soak in, which is also called a detox bath.


To sum up, tea bags are not suggested to reuse yet tea leave is advisable. And for tea bags, you can also use it in other genius ways so as to make the best use of it.

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