Eating fruit is healthier than drinking juice

By October 21, 2019

Do you ever build up your body by increasing the intake of vitamins? Most of us would say yes. And instead of fruits, they choose an easier and more convenient way of drinking juice, which they think can supply the same nutrition to our body system. Pour all the fruit they want to eat but they do not have enough time to do that into the blender, just a simple press on the switch button can enable them to have a complex and well-blended bottle of juice. In this way, they can have all the fruits as many as 6 kinds in 10 seconds. But is it really healthy for us to have this bottle of juice when comparing to eat the fruit separately?

Eating more fruit is more healthy than drinking juice-1

On the one hand, during the process of making juice, the dietary fiber in the cell wall has been broken and removed. As we all know, the dietary fiber is good for the absorption of water in our body, stimulating the movement inside the body at the same time. Some kind of oxide vitamin will be smashed meanwhile. So to some degree, drinking juice has lost the original meaning of intake vitamin.

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On the other hand, the juice has higher content of sugar than the fruit itself. Such as the apple juice, it is much sweeter to drink than eating the apple. So if you want to lose weight with a bottle of juice, it will be a big mistake.

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Here eating fruit is highly recommended. An apple a day keeps the disease away, which means eating it rather than drinking apple juice. The dietary fiber in the fruit can help us get more power to dispel the waste from our body and expel the additional water in the whole physical system. The chewing of the fruit will also increase the feeling of satiety. For example, after having two apples, you will not feel like eating anything anymore. And this is the right way to lose weight for you to take into consideration.

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The best time for you to drinking juice. It is recommended to drink juice between two meals, i.e. two hours after the meal. Only in this way can we do not add extra burden to our digesting system. And the juice can help to digest and absorb more nutrition. And please also keep in mind that do not drink the milk and juice at the same time as our body can not digest vitamin and protein at the same time.

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