Dose Green Tea Really Help You Burn Fat?

By March 30, 2019

Dose Green Tea Really Help You Burn Fat4

Having a good figure is the pursuit of all female’s life. But keeping fit in the pace of modern life has its challenges. Meat is from eating, so if you want to lose weight you should also start from eating. Green tea is one of the most common health food, but whether it actually promotes weight loss is a matter of debate.


What is “green tea losing weight way”?

Experts say, some substance in green tea can dissolve adipose, can promote gastric juice to secrete, they have the effect such as eliminating fat, fighting oxidation, stimulating metabolism, and scavenging free radical, all of which achieve helping people to lose weight. However, the mechanism of the green tea how to promote weight loss has not been understood, what is exactly the substance that promotes fat metabolism? No one understands which is why there has been controversy about green tea promoting weight loss.

But now a team of scientists from Poland may have figured out how green tea helps us lose weight: they have discovered that the secret of green tea is starch.


The secret of green tea helping to burn fat

Dose Green Tea Really Help You Burn Fat3

Jaroslaw Walkowiak, a researcher at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, said: “green tea is widely known as a beneficial drink, but we don’t have a quantitative assessment of it, so we know very little about how it works.” In the experiments, he found that an extract from green tea reduced the amount of starch people digested and so that it accelerated their consumption of starch.

So, the conclusion that green tea has the effect to reducing weight is reliable, but you also need to pay attention to the certain method.


How can we drink green tea to maximize fat burning?

1,Green tea plus aerobic exercise are best

Dose Green Tea Really Help You Burn Fat2

In studies on the weight loss effect of green tea, some experimental reports indicated that the use of green tea extract with exercise, the effect may be better than the use of green tea alone. In fact, the best choice is to drink tea with aerobic exercise, which can help the fat burning rate of aerobic exercise significantly increased! Certainly, if you lie down after refreshing everyday lots of meat, it is impossible to rely on drink green tea to reduce weight only!

2,Drink green tea before your workout

Dose Green Tea Really Help You Burn Fat1

The catechins contained in green tea are important substances that accelerate metabolism and fat burning. In addition, green tea extract was found to increase endurance during exercise by 24 percent and increase fat consumption. Therefore, drinking green tea before exercise is very beneficial for weight loss.

It is a good habit to get into the habit of drinking green tea. But in order to keep fit in the long term, the key is to eat moderately and get more exercise. We can also eat some food that is good for fat burning. For example, I like red rice and oatmeal. These healthy foods can also play an auxiliary role in weight loss, which is very good.

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