Does your kid do a right sports at this age

By January 13, 2023

You may see such advertisements on TikTok as a little baby with a rubber nipple climbing the rock in a hall or a four-year-old kid playing trampoline at a great height. Most parents will be stimulated to let their kids take sports at an earlier age so they can win at the starting line.

does your kid do a right sports at this age 1

There is no doubt that kids have good flexibility and imitation ability with a great potential of development. Nurturing a habit from an earlier age means a good start to some degree, but attention should also be paid to the risks. Due to the fact that children have a too low hardness on their bones, the muscles can not contract to use the power in the same way as the adults, and the kids’ endurance is quite weaker than others so their knots have a higher risk of dislocation.

What are the right sports for different ages?

Sports for kids at 1-2years old

The best proper sports for the kids is to play balls, pick up the balls and kick the balls. They are very interested in finding things. They should be mainly trained to learn to stand up alone, walk, run and go up and down stairs.

does your kid do a right sports at this age 2

Sports for 2-3 years old

Kids start to have a different ratio of body and limbs, they don’t want to stop any movements for a single minute. So the sports like running and jumping, kicking the balls, climbing, playing the slide, or walking on the plank bridge are good choices.

does your kid do a right sports at this age 3

Sports for 3-5 years old

Kids in this period have fast development in the muscles, so their ability to keep balance develops accordingly. But that does not mean they have the basic skills to do professional sports. The reason is that they are also weak in balance ability and the span of attention. So the right sports are climbing, chasing and kicking as basic sports. Meanwhile, they can also have football training, swimming, bicycle riding, yoga and in-line roller skating.

does your kid do a right sports at this age 4

Sports for 6-9 years old

At the age of six, most kids have the ability to do simple and organized sports and they still lack the tricks in complex sports skills. So the right sports are running, swimming, baseball, tennis and skiing.

Choosing the right sports can not only prevent kids from being hurt but also help them be more healthy and confident.


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