Do You Know Why Frisbee Get Popular?

By August 29, 2022

When it comes to Frisbee, what comes first to your mind? A cute puppy running back and forth? Or a slice of fragrant pizza up in the air? Err…Sorry, Let’s get down to business, what I mean is one of the most popular sports among young people right now.

With the development of the sport, people in increasing number participating in it. By the way, Frisbee is also applied to become an official event of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Today, let’s talk about the reason why Frisbee gets so popular.

The reasons are as follows:

Do You Know Why Frisbee Get Popular1

1.The first reason

Firstly, the threshold for participation in Frisbee is quite low. A

tracksuit, a pair of running shoes, and a Frisbee are all the necessary equipment. In terms of venues, professional frisbee games are played on the football field. If it is just for a hobby, then an open space has been enough, and it is not difficult to get started with a frisbee.

Do You Know Why Frisbee Get Popular2

2. The second reason

Secondly, fat burning is also a major reason why people love Frisbee. A professional Frisbee game lasts 100 minutes, the athletes can run about 10 kilometers during one game, and the consumption of fat burning can be comparable to a high-level football game.

Do You Know Why Frisbee Get Popular3

3. The third reason

Thirdly, it is of social nature. A Frisbee event can accommodate 18-36 people, and most of them have similar lifestyles and agree with the spirit of Frisbee sports, so it is easier to make like-minded friends here. Socializing on the frisbee field has its own uniqueness. Unlike dancing, although everyone practices in the same dance room, the focus is on the teacher and themselves. In the process of playing Frisbee, you naturally need to communicate with others. Communication among teammates, teamwork, and so on are involved in communication.

In addition, the sport concept of Frisbee may be very impressive to young people.

On the court, everyone can find their place. Although frisbee sports are played on the same field for men and women, it does not allow physical confrontation, giving people with great physical strength the possibility to compete on the same field. More importantly, there is no referee in the frisbee arena, and a player from each side is required to negotiate a foul or not. If it can’t be reached, the game goes back to where it was before the controversy, even at an international game.

Do You Know Why Frisbee Get Popular4

As the core of Frisbee philosophy, “introspection” coincides with the values ​​of contemporary young people. People no longer believe in authority, they are more willing to look at things with a critical eye, and they are more willing to express themselves, and the rules of self-judgment in the court are an extension of this value. The spirit of Frisbee is one of the important reasons why Frisbee has become a trendy sport.

Finally, I hope that readers will have the opportunity to try to participate in this interesting sport.

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