Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Hair

By November 7, 2022

From hot summer to autumn, although the weather is cool, the trouble of hair loss also follows. Like dead leaves falling from trees, a lot of hair will fall off every time you comb your hair or take a bath. You may can’t help worrying when you see the hair falls everywhere. To avoid becoming a bald girl, this hair care strategy must be collected.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair1

 Causes of hair loss in autumn

1. Ultraviolet radiation

After a summer of ultraviolet exposure and high temperature, hair follicles and hair will be damaged to a certain extent and easy to fall off.

2. Fast temperature change

In autumn, the temperature changes greatly. Thus the temperature and activity of the scalp decrease and the nutrients absorbed by the hair roots also decrease relatively. In addition, the autumn is relatively dry. Therefore, the hair lacks moisture, which leads to the growth of small hair or even hair doesn’t grow, resulting in less and less hair.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair2

3. Biogenetic characteristics

For example, most trees shed their leaves in autumn, animals shed their hair in autumn and winter. Human is the deity over all creatures. So we also have this biogenetic characteristic. That’s why it’s easy to lose hair in autumn.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair3

After we understand why hair loss occurs in autumn, how should we maintain the hair? Here are some tips:

1. Trim damaged hair

After a whole summer of high temperature and exposure, the hair has been seriously damaged. If you see that your hair is obviously split and dry, we suggest you go to a hairdresser to trim the tail. Cut off the damaged hair and change your hairstyle to welcome the arrival of autumn.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair4

2. Regular scalp massage

After washing hair each time, you can massage the scalp with your fingers, which can not only promote the blood circulation of the scalp but also make the hair stronger, which is conducive to hair growth and fixation.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair5

3. Adjust your diet

Hair growth and diet are closely related to work and rest. Protein and black sesame are the food for hair, and can also supplement the nutrition required by hair.

Do You Know how to Take Care of Your Hair6

4. Adjust your schedule

A reasonable time off work and rest can help you to reduce hair loss. You should ensure at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Having enough rest time can effectively relieve hair loss.

Finally, hope everyone’s hair is thick and healthy.


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