Can you make your hair grow by brushing

By June 13, 2022

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The myth has been around for a long time that brushing your hair “100 strokes a day” can help stimulate hair growth. The fact is, brushing hair is good for its health, but not necessarily guarantee hair growth. In this essay, you’ll learn more about the benefits of brushing hair and the right way of brushing.

Hair brushing and hair growth

Most people brush the hair daily to detangle hair and get rid of knots, but hair brushing has some other benefits. It can help remove old hair, dead skin cells, dirt etc. that may otherwise get clogged on the scalp and lead to bacterial infections. It can also increase scalp circulation and help distribute natural oils from the root of hair along the shaft. This is important for both scalp and hair, as it prevents scalp problems due to excess sebum and makes your hair smoother and stronger with the protection of natural oils.

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Despite all these health benefits, brushing hair won’t necessarily make it grow. Hair growth is a thing that incorporates lots of factors, including lifestyle, medication and more. You can keep your hair healthy by proper hair brushing daily, but if you have problems of hair loss, try improving your diet and get rid of unhealthy lifestyle like smoking or binge drinking. You can also expect hair growth by laser hair therapy or psychological treatment, if your hair loss results from too much stress and other psychological factors.

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The right way to brush your hair

Back to the myth we talked about at the beginning, it’s important to know that how many times you should brush your hair depends on you. Generally, you’ll brush your hair 2-8 times per day based on the need of your hair. Brushing hair too much or too little may make it either fall faster or tangle easily.

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In choosing the type of brush for your hair, everyone would be different about their best brush. But generally speaking, you’d better avoid metal or wire brushes as they are likely to break your hair as you brush. Brushes with broken bristles can also hurt your hair.

When brushing, just remember not to “yank” your hair, especially if there’re knots. Use your fingers to gently tease the knots, or use some conditioner to make it easier to manage.

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